Computer Networking and Design

Working with computers provides infinite room for growth, and insists on constant learning and study. I love every aspect of digital processing from three dimentional modeling to esoteric UNIX environments. The constant evolution of technology provides challenges upon which I thrive, and even the mundane tasks of Operations and Tier 1 support are not tedious, for they constantly demand personal growth.  My primary experience is in Network Security, Intrusion Detection, and Firewall Management; ideally I can continue to develop along the path of network design.  My skills are diverse. I have touched many operating systems and set up complex client-server applications, working with databases in design and administration.. I am seeking a job that will challenge me and keep me on my toes. I do best working long hours on projects and can work independantly, doggedly pursuing the objective of a project without blindly following methods and proceedures.

Computer Resume (pdf - doc)

Architectural Internship

My undergraduate work was in the field of Environmental Design and Architecture.  I would love to work at a small, highly creative design firm. My idealism is strong, and I wish for employment in a creative environment. Thus, this resume is tailored to this path; focusing on skills specific to this environment.  Most of my design work has been focused upon Furniture and the usability of space.  I am deeply affected by materials and ergonomics in design; and have a passion for lighting.   Architectural design gives me a creative outlet that I find highly fulfilling. 

Architecture/Design Resume (pdf - doc)

Employment Overseas

Having spent more than a year abroad, I have reached  point where travel for its own sake is no longer satisfying.  I have been deeply moved by the disparity of wealth and privilege in the third world, and fascinated by the diversity of culture in Asia in general.  With a light toward making a difference in the world, I am seeking an oportunity to work, possibly as a volunteer for an NGO, but also to develop skills as a teacher of English.  It would be a terrific opportunity to teach English overseas in Japan, Korea or China.  By increased exposure to Asian culture I hope to discover what is unique in each, as well as to discover my own through this difference.  For this reason, I have crafted two resumes to focus on these intentions.

Teaching English (pdf - doc)
NGO Resume (pdf - doc)


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