Signs from the San Francisco Peace Rally
March 15, 2003

The very well organized demonstrations in San Francisco today were a peaceful testiment to this city's commitment to the anti war effort.  The environment felt more like a parade and festival than a demonstration, though.  I guess it was all the vendors at either end of the parade route, the massive PA systems, the portajohns, the yellow vests all the organizers where wearing...  The police kept a respectful distance, and everyone stayed well within the lines of acceptible behavour.  A little boring; no tear gas, no riot, no arrests (that I saw).  Only two police officers on rooftop, no drawn or tripod mounted guns.  Police helicopters circled for about two hours.  Several bus-sized paddy wagons went unused. 

This is the fourth protest in Five months in San Francisco.   In addition to at least 100,000 protestors, there was a marching band, a few gaint-headed costumed individuals holding dead iraqi puppets children.  There were some nice constumes (including three girls in translucent dresses and black negligee'; ) and two or three separate drumming groups.   The Parade route started at the civic center, went for about ten blocks in close to a loop, and then ended at a park who's name escapes me...  There were speakers, hip-hop groups (Red Dawn), dancing troups, and, well a very large turnout.  The message of the event expressed in two part chant, sign, flyer, and teeshirt, button, sticker, etc. was:

  • Stop Mad Cowboy Disease
  • How many oil executives does it take to screw in a dictator?
  • Bomb a parent, Create a terrorist.
  • You can bomb the world to pieces
    You can't bomb the world to peace.
  • Stop World War W.
  • If war is inevitable, Draft SUV drivers now.
  • Disarm by Example
  • Preemptive Impeachment
  • Side one:  I'm a drunk driving, pretzel choking, election stealing corporate puppet.  What can I say?
    Side two:  Let me put it to you this way: I am not a revengeful person.
  • BU**
  • Wake up America, Its happening here!
  • Embarrassed by my President
  • Don't hurt those Arab Hotties!
  • Its stupid, STUPID!
  • Bush is Lubed up for war
    Fuck Him!!!
  • Redneck Go Back to Texas
  • Feral People Against War
  • How did Our oil get underneith Their Sand?
  • We can't impeach a president we didn't elect.
  • Bush-Blair-Sharon, Axis of Evil--Why we need a world court.
  • Impeach Bush, the U.N. Bomber
  • The first gulf war produced Timothy McVeigh.  What will this war produce?
  • Give Impeachment a Chance
  • If reason can't reach him, we must impeach him.
  • dubya dubya
  • Bush is a moron.  Don't let him get his war on!
  • Stop mass murder!
  • First strike, We're all out!
  • Bush is a WANKSTA
  • Sexy French Women for Peace
  • Dumb Blonds against Wars
  • Beards for Peace (carried by Hassidic Jew)
  • Midlife Menopausal Hippies for peace
  • Bush for Lawn Ornament
  • Make faces not war
  • Dead does not equal free
  • Jurasic Bush (complete with mockup of movie logo)
  • Bush needs a time out
  • Bush = Sauron
  • Al Quada,  IraQ. we already have a clear link!
  • to bomb a nation is abomination
  • Realize Real Lies
  • Just say D'oh to war (yah, complete with Homer graphic)
  • (chant:) "From Iraq to the Philipenes We're gonna stop the US War Machine"
  • (chant:) "a: War in Iraq!  b: Not in OUR NAME"
  • Smush Bush
  • War is Bush Shit
  • Lost Bellicose Moron: [insert picture here] If found, please return to The Hague
  • Laura, please trim your unruly Bush
  • It has become appallingly clear our technology has surpassed our Humanity.
  • UnCheney my Heart.
  • Help! My country is being held hostage by an outlaw regime!
  • Preemptive Invasion is a job for Hitler and Stalin, not my president!
  • Consequences???
  • If you can't take care of your own country, how can you take care of another?

The only misplaced oportunism I saw was one man selling two styles of teeshirt.  One said, "Say no to war."  The other had only a picture of Che Guevera on it...  I stared on, puzzeled for a moment.  I was going to confront the vendor and protest, but as an ineffectual intellectual, I could kinda relate so I let it stand.

© Hudson Cress, 2003. All rights reserved.
Disclaimer: All events and people are part of the elaborate fiction that is my private reality. Any resemblence to actual people or events is purely coincidental.