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The Founding of the first Church of Satan

Ps: a funny true story I heard:

In the early fifties there was a former carnie worker and selfstyled conman/artist named Tony Levine. He lived in San Francisco and worked the post vaudville show market but wanted more. He began doing performance art based on bullshit ritual he wrote out to gather people with alcohol, food and money. These little parties he had grew a bit over the first year and some people began bringing black robes to acentuate the evening but it was still lacking. Tony had a buddy from carnie work who was now a stage magician named Anthony Andruzzi (Maskelyne ye Mage {very famous and the grandfather of all bizzare magic}) so he called Anthony and said hey I need to spice things up a little. So his magician buddy sent him some self lighting candles, flash paper and a few other essentials... Ther gatherings got better progressivly and more group focused with spectators in the back watching. At the end one night our friend Tony was approached by a sleight framed black man in a pimp suit. His name was Sammy Davis Junior. He handed Tony a check for $50,000.00 and said he enjoyed the show and should pursue his art. Tony thanked him, maintained professional demeanor till everyone left then promptly shit. Yes he had fifty grand but he had no idea how to manage this and knew he was in over his head. He called on his magicican friend Anthony again who said well the first thing you need to do is make sure you shelter the money from taxes... Start a religion... The second thing you need to do is follow through with the art you've created... And so with the advice of Maskelyne Ye Mage and on the funding of the one and only Sammy Davis Jr. Tony Levine ex-carnie became Anton Levey and established the first official church of satan. Funny stuff, thought you would enjoy it.

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