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Indian Philosophy and Literature

Chinese and Japanese Classics

Western Philosophy

History and Travel

General Literature

Friends` Writing







       courtesy of Access to Insight

An Alternative Interpretation
by Michael Olds

Important Pali Suttas

The Dhammapada (Beginners Start Here)
Annatalahkana, Not-Self Sermon
Mahamangala, The Blessings Sutta
Dhammacakkapanattana, Turning the Dhamma Wheel
Adittapariyaya, The Fire Sermon
Mahasatipatthana, Mindfulness of Breathing
Mahasihanada, the Great Lion`s Roar
Culasihanada, the Smaller Lion`s Roar
The Debate of King Milinda (abridged)


An Index of the Pali Tipatika
A Manual of Abhidhamma

Bhikku Bodhi, The Noble Eightfold Path
Bhikku Bodhi, Transcendental Dependant Arising
Bikkhu Bodhi - Dhamma and Nonduality
Bikkhu Bodhi - The Buddha & His Message
The Thirty One Planes of Existence
Nanarama, Matara - The Seven Stages of Purification
Nanavira Thera -A Biography
Nanavira Thera - Clearing The Path
Saddhatissa, Hammalawa - Dependant Origination
Sister Khema - Meditating on Non-Self
Bhikkhu Sujata - The Mystique of the Abhidhamma

A Practical Grammar of the Pali Language
An Elementary Pali Course
Pali Dictionary

General Buddhism

Lutz, - Long-term efffects of meditation
Wilber, Ken - Excerpts from Volume 2 - Kosmos Trilogy
Upadhya, K.N. - The Impact of Ealy Buddhism on Hindu Thought
The Edicts of King Asoka


Chan Magazine, spring 2003
Japanese Heart Sutra - only Kanji
Japanese Heart Sutra - with Transliteration
Japanese Herat Sutra in English
Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra
The Diamond_Sutra
The Lankavatara Sutra
Matsumoto Shiro - Tathagathagarba Theory is not Buddhistic
Nagarjuna - The Perfection of Giving
Nagarjuna - The Perfection of Morality
Nagarjuna - The Perfection of Patience
Santina, Peter Della - The Wisdom of Nagarjuna
Shantideva - The Bodhichariyavatara
Suzuki - A Manual of Zen Buddhism
The Songs of Milarepa
Zhi-Yi - The Essentials of Buddhist Meditation
Zhi-Yi - The Six Gates to the Sublime
Liao, Tetcheng - One Hundred Buddhist Fables
Peckhaus, Volker - Dignaga`s Logic of Invention
Ting Chen - Fundimentals of Chan Meditation


Philosophy and Religion of India

Rig veda
Artha Veda
Sama Veda
Yajur Veda
Bhagavad Gita
The Vedanta Sutras
Upanishads vol1
Upanishads vol2
Mahabharata Condensed
Purana 7 and 8
Mahanirvana Tantra
The Law of Manu

Sivananda, Swami - Commentary on the Brahma Sutra
Krishnananda, Swami - The Realisation of the Absolute
Mukerji, A.P. - The Doctrine and Practice of Yoga
patanjali - yoga-sutras
patanjali - yoga-sutras another translation
Patanjali - Yoga Sutra, Sanskrit and English
Venkatsenandaji, Swami - Commentary on the Yoga Sutras
Patanjali's Yoga Sutras - Commentary on chapter 1
Vatsayayna - The Kama Sutra

Willison, Thomas - Ancient and Modern Physics
Background on Ashtanga Yoga
Motilal Banarsidas Catalogue


China and Japan


Freeman-Mitford, Algernon - Tales of Old Japan
Hearn, Lafcadio Kwaidan: Stories of Strange Things

The Nihongi

Murisaki Shikibu - The Tale of Gengi
Musashi Miyamoto - gorin_no_sho
Seami - Aya no Tsuzumi
Kakuzo Okakura - The Book of Tea
Yamamoto Tsunetomo - The way of the Samurai
A Brief History of Haiku
Ozaki, Yei Theodora - Japanese Fairy Tales


Four Books (Eng - Chin - Jap- Kanji)
Five Classics

The Hsiao King
Crowley, Aleister - I-Ching
Lao Tzu - The Tao Te Ching trans. Stan Rosenthal
Lau Tzu - The Tao Te Ching trans James Legge
The Chuang Tzu - Selected Chapters
Selections from the Han Narative Histories
Xiyu Juan - The Western Regions according to the Hou Hanshu
Yu Huan - Weilue, The Peoples of the West

The Hang Koon
Two Years in the Forbidden City
Kim Man-Choong - The Cloud Dreams of the Nine
Tao Yuan Ming - Peach Blossom Shangrila

Sun Tzu - The Art of War
The Weiqi: Philosophy And Playing Strategies of Go

Tai Chi Chuan
Li Hongzhi - Zhuan Falun
26 Secrets of Feng Shui



Western Philosophy


greek and pre-modern

Aristotle - Metaphysics, hardy and gaye
Aristotle - Metaphysics, w.d. ross
Aristotle - Nicomachean Ethics
Diogenes the Cynic
Epictetus - discourses
The Eqyptian Book of the Dead
Plato - The Republic
Plato - Laws
Plato - Dialogues
Plato - The Apology, Crito, and Phaedo


Darwin, Charles - Origin of the Species
David Hume - The Natural History of Religion
Descartes, Rene - Discourse on the Method
Descartes, Rene - Meditations of First Philosophy
Descartes, Rene - The Principles of Philosophy
Falckenberg, Richard - History of Modern Philosophy
Hegel - The origin and significance of Hegel`s Logic j.b.Baillie
Hegel, Georg - Philosophy of History
Hegel, Georg - Philosophy of Mind
Hegel, Georg - Philosophy of Nature
Hegel, Georg - Philosophy of Right
Hegel, Georg - Philosophy of Spirit
Hegel, Georg - Science of Logic
Hegel, Georg - Wissenschaft der Logik
Hegel`s Logic - an Essay in Interpretation - John Hibben
Hobbes, Thomas - Leviathan
Hume, David - Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
Hume, David - Of the Delicacy of Taste and Passions
Kant, Immanuel - What is Enlightenment
Kant, Immanuel - Prolegomena To Any Future Metaphysics
Kant, Immanuel - The Critique of Practical Reason
Kant, Immanuel - The Critique of Pure Reason
Kant, Immanuel - Metaphysics
Leibniz - Monadology
Leibniz -_Anaxagoras
Leibniz -_Beasts
Leibniz_- On_Generosity
Locke, John - Essay Concerning Human Understanding
Mill, John Stuart - On Liberty
Nietzsche, Friedrich - The Antichrist
Nietzsche, Friedrich - Thus Spake Zarathrustra
Rousseau, Jean Jacques - Confessions
Sartre, Jean Paul - Existentialism And Human Emotions
sartre-Lecture Notes
Sartre, Jean-Paul - Nausea
Saussure's 3rd course on General Linguistics - 17 pages
Schopenhauer, Arthur - The Art of Controversy
Wittgenstein, Tractus Logico-Philosophicus

Semiotics and Linguistics

Derrida, Jacques - De la grammatologie
Derrida, Jacques - L'ecriture et la difference
Derrida, Jacques - Lyotard and Us
Derrida, Jacques - Of Grammatology - chapter 2
Derrida, Jacques - Points de suspension
Derrida, Jacques - Spectres de Marx
Derrida, Jacques - Speech and Writing according to Hegel
Derrida, Jacques - for the love of Lacan
Derrida, Jacques - nietzsche and the machine
Derrida - Glasweb
A Discussion with Derrida on Terror
Dialogue Disrupted - Derrida Gadamer etc...
The Place of the Political in Derrida and Foucault
McKenna - The Three Ages of Jacques Derrida

Barthes, Roland - Elements of Semiology
Bragdon, Claude - Architecture and Democracy
Chomsky, Noam - Notes - Philosophy Of Cognitive Science
Deleuze, Gilles - Kant's Critical Philosophy - Incomplete
Jakobson - Six Lectures on Sound and Meaning
Levi-Strauss, Claude - Structural Anthropology
Russell, Bertrand - Ideas That Have Harmed Mankind
Russell, Bertrand - Problems of Philosophy
Russell, Bertrand - The Philosophy of Logical Analysis

Other 20th Century Works

Heideger - The End of Philosophy
Riddling, Zaine - Lightness of Being a study of Heidegger
Freud, Sigmund - The Interpretation of Dreams
Heidegger, Martin - Sein und Zeit
Hitler, Adolf - Mein Kampf
Marx, Karl - Manifesto of the Communist Party

Occult and/or Religious

The Avesta (Zoroastrianism)
The King James Bible
The Koran
The Book of Mormon

Aquinas, Thomas - Ente et Essentia
Agrippa - Geomancy
Agrippa, Henry Cornelius - occult philosophy book 3
Crowley, Aleister - Book Of Lies
Huxley, Aldous - The Doors Of Perception
James, William - A Pluralistic Universe
Lovecraft, H.P. - Selected Writings
Luther, Martin - Little Instruction Book
Luther, Martin - On The Power and Efficacy of Indulgences
Pascal, Blaise - Pensees
Rumi, Jalailudin - The Masnavi, Abridged
The Principia Discordia


History and Travel

Pure History

Manners and Monuments of Prehistoric People
Berggren, J. Lennart - Introduction to Ptolemy`s Geography
Bullfinch - Mythology
Herodotus - History
Hawking, Steven - A brief history of time
Gamble, Eliza - God-Idea of the Ancients, Sex in Religion
Voyages and Travels to the East Indies vol 8
Pliny the Younger - The Letters of (Ancient Rome)
Magasthenes - Indika (fragments)


India, Ceylon, Tibet, Silk Road

Ayde, John - Indian Frontier Policy
Bell, Lillian - As Seen by Me
Biddulph, John - The Pirates of Malabar
Bird, Isabella - Among the Tibetans
Blavatsky, H.P. - From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan
Curtis, William Eleroy - Modern India
Diary of a Pedestrian in Cashmere and Thibet
Eaton, Richard - The Rise of Islam and the Bengal Frontier
Edwardes, SM - Byways of Bombay
Eight Years wandering in Ceylon
Elliot, Robert - Mysore
Fa-hsien - A Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms
Hooker, JD - Himalayan Journals
Knox, Robert - Ceylon in the East Indies
Mayo, Katherine - Mother India
Tagore, Rabindranath - Glimpses of Bengal
Tennet, James - Ceylon
Windt, Harry - A Ride to India

China and Japan

Gilles, Herbert - The Civilization of China
Giles, Herbert - Religions of Ancient China
Hearn, Lafcadio - Glimspes of an Unfamiliar Japan v1
Hearn, Lafcadio - Glimspes of an Unfamiliar Japan v2
Morrison, G.E. - An Australian in China
Murdoch, James - The 47 Ronin


Blair and Robertson - The Philipene Islands 1493-1898
Cook, James - Voyages and Travels vol 14

Travel, cont...

International Travel

Lucas, EV - Roving East and West
Marco Polo, The Travels of - Volume I
Marco Polo, The Travels of - Volume II
Graham, Stephen - A Tramps Sketches
Pfeiffer, Ida - A Woman`s Journey Around the World
Roiberts, Emma - Notes of an Overland Journey
Stevens, Thomas - Around the World on a Bicycle, vol1
Stevens, Thomas - Around the World on a Bicycle, vol2
Twain, Mark- Following the Equator (html)
Twain, Mark- Following the Equator (pdf)

The Americas

Carey, Joseph - By the Golden Gate
Edwords, Clarence - Bohemian San Francisco
Houghton, Eliza - Expedition of the Donner Party
Riis, Jacob - How the other Half Lives
Hudson, W.H. - Far Away and Long Ago (Argentina)
James, George - The Lake of the Sky
Nordhoff, Charles - Northern California, Oregon, and the Sandwich Isles
Perry, Sir William - Discovery of a Northwest Passage v1
Perry, Sir William - Discovery of a Northwest Passage v2
Twain, Mark - Old Times on the Mississippi


Anon - Prince Dracula
Koestlin, Julius - Life of Luther
Davis, HWC - Medieval Europe
Gibbon, Edward - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (warning! 10.7M)
Janes, Don Carloes - A Trip Abroad
Moscheles, Felix - In Bohemia with Du Maurier
The Voyage around the Erythraean Sea

Middle East

Forbes, Archibald - The Afgan Wars
Roosevelt, Kermit - War in the Garden of Eden
Toynbee, Arnold - Turkey - A Past and a Future
Firduasi - Hero Tales of Ancient Persia



Adams, Douglas - Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy
Athenaeus of Naucratis - Deipnosophists
Barrie, James - The Adventures of Peter Pan
Burroughs, William S. - Naked Lunch
Camus, Albert - The Fall
Camus-Exile and Kingdom
Capra, Fritjof - The Tao of Physics
Carroll, Lewis - Sylvie and Bruno
Carroll, Lewis - The Annotated Alice
Carroll, Lewis - The Hunting of the Snark
Carroll, Lewis - Through the Looking Glass
Dickens, Charles - Martin Chuzzelwumps.html
The Chevy Chase.html
Chaucer - The Canterbury Tales
Chaucer - Tolius And Cressida
Dostoevski - The Brothers Karamazov
Firduasi - Hero Tales of Ancient Persia
Gibran, Kahlil - The Prophet
Grimm`s Fairy Tales
Heller, Joseph - Catch 22
Hemmingway, Ernest - The Sun Also Rises
Hemmingway, Ernest - Men Without Women
Homer - The Odyssey
Joyce, James - Finnegan`s Wake
Joyce, James - Ulysses
Joyce, James - The Dubliners
Kerouac, Jack - On the Road
Kerouac, Jack - The Dharma Bums
Kipling-The Jungle Book
Kipling-The Man Who Would Be King
Ovid - Metamorphosis

Palahhiuk, Chuck - Fight Club
Proust, Marcel - Vol 1 - Swann`s Way
Proust, Marcel - vol 2 - Within a Budding Grove
Proust, Marcel - vol 3 - The Guermantes Way
Proust, Marcel - vol 4 - Cities of the Plain
Proust, Marcel - vol 5 - The Captive
Proust, Marcel - vol 6 - The Sweet Cheat Gone
Proust, Marcel - vol 7 - Time Regained
Rushdie, Salmon - The Satanic Verses
Salinger, J.D. - The Catcher in the Rye
Shakespere, Complete Works (Warning! 9.7M!)
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight-original
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight-trans
Stevenson, Robert Lewis - Essays in the Art of Writing
Swift, Johnathan - A Modest Proposal
Swift, Johnathan - A Proposal for Correcting the English Language
Swift, Johnathan - Gulliver`s Travels
Swift, Johnathan - Thoughts on Various Subjects
Swift, Jonathan - An Argument against Abolishing Christianity
Tagore, Rabindranath - Broken Ties and Other Stories
The Legends of King Arthur and his Knights
Thompson, Hunter S - Hell`s Angels
Thompson, Hunter S. The Rum Diary
Thoreau, Henry David - Walden
Verne, Jules - Around the World in 80 Days
Voltaire - candide
Wilde, Oscar - A Woman of No Importance
Wilde, Oscar - Salome
Wilde, Oscar - The Importance of Being Earnest
Wilde, Oscar - Wilde Tales
Zorilla, Jose - Don Juan Tenoria


Friends` Writing

White, Cheryl - Knotted
Olds, Michael - The Mozone mirror
Olds, Michael - The Pali Line
Dooney, James - Four Poems
Yockey, Beth - Eelectronica
Yockey, Beth - NOW
Talsky Daniel - Pike Place Market Stories


A (Mostly) Classic Selection of Poems

The Songs of Kabir
John Donne - Selected Poems
Carrol, Lewis - The Jabberwocky
Colridge, Samuel Taylor - Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Ezra Pound, Selected Poems
EE Cummings - Selected Poetry

Lord Byron - Don Juan
T.S. Elliot - The Naming of Cats
Outkast - Ms Jackson
Poe, Edgar Alan - The Raven
Sapho - 100 Poems
Sapho - 29 Poems
Repeating Poetry Forms
Tongue Twisters
Seuss, Dr. - Fox in Sox.html




Graduate Textbook on Quantum Mechanics
Hawking, Steven - A brief history of time
The Periodic Table
Periodic Table of the Elements.mht
Quantum Physics In Neuroscience And Psychology Interaction
Thomason, Richmond - Exact Philosophy, Linguistics, And Artificial Intelligence
Dobson - Einstein`s Physics of Illusion


340 Indian Recipies
A Culture briefing on Italy
Autocad 2005 for Dummies
Beginning Palmreading
Islamic Clothing
The Kendama Song.html
Kendama, The Video!
One Man and his Mecha
Sex Instruction
The Origin of Santa
3D-AutoCad Tutorial.pdf


Zippy The Pinhead Archive (8megs)


Remembering the Kanji by James W. Heisig
Japanese Phrasebook
A collection of Scotish Proverbs
A Practical Sanskrit Introductory


U.S. Constitution
The Arithmetic of America's Military Bases Abroad
The Economy as Religion
The Urban Archipelago
Use of U.S. Forces Abroad
Brief cost of government
The longer Cost of Government
Guerrilla Deprogrammer - 4 issues


100 linux tips and tricks
Learn C in 21 Days (Html)
Guide to Mostly harmless hacking
Hacker`s Blackbook
Hacker`s Encyclopedia
Hacking Webpages
how to build a flying saucer
Batch File Programming for windows
how to unhide msn messenger

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Beyond Words- neuro-linguistic psychology
Learn Hypnosis...Now!
Mind Control - How To Get The Truth Out Of Anyone
Reading Body Language for seduction

Neuro Linguistic Programming
Ross Jeffries - How To Get Girls Into Bed Without Trying


Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Atlases

1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue
Accoustics Dictionary
Architectural Dictionary

Basic Japanese-English Dictionary
Biology Dictionary
British Expression Dictionary
Dictionary of Myths
Electronics Dictionary
Encyclopedia of Herbs
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
English-latin Dictionary

Glossary of Egyptian Mythology
Hat Dictionary
Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics
Phrasal Verbs
Thai Phrases
Ridling, Zaine - The Complete Bible Atlas ( 21 Megs!)
Roger`s Profanisaurus
Sanskrit-English dictionary
The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations
Tolkein, JRR - Elven Dictionary
Witchcraft Dictionary - Aleister Crowley
Pali Dictionary


Downloads A great Kanji Dictionary An excellent unit conversion program An English Grammar glossary

Verbix freeware

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