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Telluride 2006-7

I`m currently living in Telluride, working as a Lift Operator.  Keep an eye on this section for frequent additions.
   Prints are available (barter preferred*).  email me at hudsoncress@yahoo.com to see what we can work out.
* HudsonCress.org is a not-for-profit site.   HudsonCress.com will have professional-quality images available for sale... eventually.  Images hosted on this site are therefore available, but preferably for barter or trade.   Preferably.    Beer or ... is a good trade.   Images of specific people are only available with that person`s consent.   Candid group shots are available only to people in the picture.   If you would like yourself removed from any photo posted to this site, email me with a link to or name of the photo you`re in, and I`ll take it down, no questions asked.        

The Victory Lap, 2006  (Canon 20D)

India and South Asia, 2005 (Olympus Camedia 5060)

  • Spiti
    Vashishth Hotsprings, Lauhaul Valley, Spiti Valley, Ki Gompa
  • Varanasi
    Chandigarh, Varanasi, Sarnath

Around the World in 30 days, 2004 (Olympus Camedia 5060)

  • USA and Europe - 220 images - 1-2-3-4-5
    From Japan to Korea to Alaska to New York to Charlotte to Italy to Switzerland to Holland to France and back to Japan: One month - Sept/Oct 2004

Japan, 2003-2005 (Slides and Digital)

U.S.A. (35mm Slide Film)

  • Americana - 136 images
    Don`t belive CNN.  This is the REAL america.
  • Around Seattle 118 images
    Ranier, Weddings, Tennis Tournaments and more

Older Images of the World (35mm Slide Film)

  • China - 201 images
    C hina with Mom, March 2004 - 3 weeks
  • Thailand - 72 images
    September/October 2002.  6 weeks.
  • India and Nepal - 55 images
    living my dream, 1999-2000. 10 1/2 months.
  • Europe - 36 images
    six weeks, 14 countries, 1998.  6 weeks.


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