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Western Philosophy -- Theravada -- Mahayana  -- errata

"Western" Philosophy
Western Philosophy -- Theravada -- Mahayana  -- errata



Western Philosophy -- Theravada -- Mahayana  -- errata

Vinaya (Rules of Conduct for the Sangha)

This series is the least of my concerns.  It concerns the organization and conduct of monks; there are lists upon lists of rules, vaguely reminiscent of the Talmud.  This exists in english translation by... um.   I can't recall, but is offered by the Pali Text Society.  If I recall, its at least 8 volumes. 

Suttana (Second section of Pali Tipatika, Discourses of the Buddha)

These are my main concern, as I am interested in understanding the teaching closest to the words of Siddharta Gotama.  These were orally translated as well for several hundred years before being committed to writing, but nevertheless are not as filtered as the Abhidhamma, nor as specialized as the Vinaya.  To my mind they represent the middle path of the Dhamma.  Practically speaking, all 'Three Baskets' contain essentially the same information.

  • Samyutta Nikaya - Short Discourses
  • Majjimika Nikaya - Middle Length Discourses
  • Digha Nikaya - Long Discourses
  • Anguttara Nikaya - Numerical Discourses

Abhidhamma (third section of Pali Tipatika; the Formal Method)

  1. Dhammasangani  (Ennumeration of Dhammas)
  2. Vibhanga (Book of Analysis)
  3. Dhatukatha (Discourse on Elements)
  4. Puggala-pannatti (On Human Types)
  5. Katha-Vatthu (Points of Controversy)
  6. Yamaka: (Book of Pairs. Untranslated?)
  7. Patthana (Conditional Relations)

Western Philosophy -- Theravada -- Mahayana  -- errata

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