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Designation of Human Types

trans. Bimala Charan Law,
Book four of Abhidhamma Pitaka

  • puggala [individual, person, self] p
  • pannatti [notion, designation]
  • Buddhism distinguishes 12 types of intellegent beings/puggala.  4 of the average class (puthujjana) and 8 of the ariya or "elect" class
  • sammutisacca [apparent truth]
  • paramatthasaca [ultimate truth]
  • "Notion" according to the intro (speaking hegel I presume), i.e. pannati is broken down into...
  1. khanda (notion of the groups)
  2. ayatana (notion of the sense organs and their objects)
  3. dhatu (elements of cognition)
  4. sacca (the notion of the truths)
  5. indriya (controlling principles or force / here translated sense organs? They regulate the five senses)
  6. puggala (human types)
  • then describes the khandas, etc as usual... admits to following T.W. Rhys Davids terminology...

Table of contents Proper:

Grouping of Human types by Ones

  1. One who is emancipated in season (at times)
    • experiences eight stages from time to time...
  2. One who is emancipated out of season (not only at times)
    • always emancipated
  3. One of perturbable nature
    • attains rupa/arupa jhana with great effort
  4. One of impeturbable nature
    • attains jhana with little effort, stays as long as he wishes.
    • all ariyas are such
  5. One liable to fall away
    • of a fallible nature
    • reaches attainment with difficulty and toil, etc
  6. One not liable to fall away
  7. One competent in will
  8. One competent in watchfulness
  9. An average man
    • "the person who's three fetters have not been put away and who is not proceeding to put these away" (19)
  10. One become of the family of the Ariyas
  11. One restrained through fear
  12. One unrestrained through fear
  13. One capable of arriving (progress)
  14. One incapable of arriving
  15. One with determined destiny
  16. One with undetermined destiny
  17. The path attainer (path-walker)
  18. One established in fruition
  19. the equal-headed
  20. The aeon-arrester (one for whom the aeon endures)
    • If it is time for the destruction of the current aeon, it must not be burt up until this person realizes the desired state.
  21. The elect
  22. The non-elect
  23. The learner
  24. The non-learner
  25. Neither a learner nor a non-learner
  26. One who has threefold lore
  27. The possessor of the six super-knowleges
  28. The Perfectly Enlightened One
  29. The one Enlightened for himself (only) [pacceka-buddha]
  30. One emancipated in both ways
  31. One emancipated by insight [panna]
  32. The eye-witness [kayasakkhi]
    • one who meditates on the first thru fourth Jhana, the four arupajhanas.
    • one who meditates on the sannavedayitanirodha (cessation of preception and sensation)
  33. He who has won vision [ditthipatto]
  34. One emancipated by faith
  35. One conforming to the Norm [Dhammanusari]
  36. One conforming by faith
  37. One undergoing no more than seven rebirths
  38. One transmigrating through a few families not less than seven times
  39. The single-seeded [ekabiji]
  40. The once-returner
  41. The never-returner
  42. One who dies and attains Nirvana in the interval [antara-parinibbayi] (prior to rebirth)
  43. The term-curtailing passer-away [upahacca-parinibbayi] (prior to passing)
  44. The automatic passer-away [asankhara-parinibbayi]
  45. The passer-away after strenuous exertions
  46. The stream-ascending Akanittha traveller (the arahant)
  47. The stream-attainer walking in the realization of the fruition stage
  48. The once-returner walking in the realization of the fruition stage
  49. The never-returner walking in the realization of the fruition stage
  50. The arahant walking in arahantship

...By Twos

  1. The wrathful and the vengeful
  2. The hypocrite and the charlatan
  3. the jealous and the avaricious
  4. the crafty and deceitful
  5. the shameless and the impudent
  6. The disobedient and the associate of the wicked
  7. One unguarded as to the sense-doors and one immoderate as to food
  8. The forgetful and the unmindful
  9. The infringer on moral laws and the upholder of wrong views
  10. One with internal fetters ans one with external fetters
  11. The wrathless and the unvengeful
  12. The unaffected and the unpretentious
  13. The unenvious and the unavaricious
  14. THe not crafty and the undeceiving
  15. The scrupulous and the conscientious
  16. The obedient and the associate of the good
  17. One guarded as to the moral law and one moderate as to food
  18. THe wakeful and the mindful
  19. The observer of the moral law and the upholder of right view
  20. Two persons who are rare in this world
  21. Two persons who are difficult to be satisfied
    • (one who keeps everything for himself, one who gives away everything he recieves)
  22. Two persons who are easily satisfied
  23. Two persons whose sinful tendancies increase
  24. Two persons whose sinful tendancies do not increase
  25. The depraved and the refined
  26. The gratified and the gratifier

...By Threes

  1. The dispairing, the hopeful, one above aspiration
  2. Three who are like unto the sick
  3. The eye-witness, the person who has won vision, he who is liberated by faith
  4. The foul-mouthed, the flower speaker, the honey tongued.
  5. A cancer-minded man, a lightning-minded man, a thunder-minded man
  6. The blind, the one-eyed, the two-eyed
  7. A man of inverted intellect, folded intellect, wide intellect
  8. Not dispassionate to sensual pleasure and states of rebirth, dispassionate to sensual pleasure and rebirth, dispassionate to both
  9. One comperable to a mark on stone, one to a mark on wood, one to a mark on water
    • Stone: one becomes repeatedly angry, anger endures for long
    • earth: one gets  angry repeatedly, but anger does not last long
    • water: even if he is spoken to in a strong and harsh manner, is connected and coherent, and makes himself agreeable.
  10. Three men comperable to hempen cloth
  11. Three comperable to Benaras cloth
  12. Three fathomable, one difficult to fathom, one unfathomable
  13. One not worthy to be served, devotedly served, or worshiped, One worth of these, one worth to bg served with regard and esteem, to be devotedly served, to be worshiped
  14. One who should be despised--not served, not devoted to, or worshiped; treated with indifference..., a man deserving of service devotion or worship
  15. One who fulfills moral law [sila] yet is incompetant in meditation and insight; one who fulfils moral law, completes the practice of meditation, but incompletely practices the way of insight; one who completes all three.
  16. Three teachers
  17. Three more teachers
    1. eternalist--soul is eternal
    2. annihilationist--soul passes away
    3. perfectly enlightened--soul is not a real entity

...By Fours

  1. A wicked man, one more wicked, a good, a better man.
  2. A sinful man, one worse, a good, one better.
  3. A man of sinful propensity, one worse, one of noble, one better
  4. The blameworthy, the exceedingly blameful, one hardly blameworthy, the blameless
  5. One quick of understanding, one of medium undertanding, one slow, the superficial student (reader???)
  6. One making correct/not prompt reply, one incorrect/prompt, one correct/prompt, one neither correct nor prompt.
  7. Four teachers of the norm
  8. Four comperable to a clould
  9. a mouse
    1. digs a hole, does not dwell in it-- masters the doctrine consisting of:
      • sutta--suttanta
      • geyya--mixed prose and verse
      • Vyakarana--the exposition
      • Gatha--stanzas
      • Udana--enthusiastic/joyous utterances
      • Itivuttaka--fourth book of Khuddaka Nikaya "Thus was said's" 112 short stanzas
      • Jataka--past life stories
      • Abbhutadhamma--miraculous stories
      • Vedalla--one of the nine portions of buddhist scripture according to matter (?)
        ...but does not realise suffering, origin, cessation or path leading to cessation of suffering.
        [Very unique list.  Must relate to a course of monastic study; primary education]
    2. dwells in a hole, but does not dig it
    3. digger and a dweller
    4. neither digs the hole nor dwells in it (61)
  10. the mango (gracefull instead of erudite, by the above formula)
  11. a jar (empty/uncovered, full/covered by fours)
  12. a pool of water (seems deep, is deep, etc)
  13. a bullock (pest to his own congregation, not to another, etc)
  14. a serpent (creates trouble in his own, not in another, etc)
  15. One speaking praise of an unworthy man... one speaking dispraise of a worthy man... one finding delight in an unpleasant or disagreeable thing... one harboring dislike for agreeable or pleasant things... ...without inquiry or scrutiny
  16. as above, but with inquiry and scrutiny.
  17. A man who speaks dispraise/praise of a unwothy/worthy expressing right thing at right time but does not speak praise/dispraise of the worthy/unworthy (+-,-+)... one who does both (++), one who does neither (--).
  18. One living the fruits of extertion, but not previous merit, previous, but not current, both, neither
  19. One In the dark, tending toward darkness, dark to light, light to light, light toward darkness.
  20. The depressed/unprogressive--depressed/progressive--prosperous/unprogressive--prosperous/progressive
  21. Four persons comperable to a tree
  22. One considering and esteeming ...outward form, ...other's words, ...outward austerity, ...the Norm.
  23. One who strives after another's welfare/not his own, his own/not another's, both his and another's, neither his welfare nor another's
  24. One self-mortifying, and engaged in self-mortification, one who torments others, and engages in practices to torment others, one who combines these two, one neither torturing himself nor others, lives a higher life free from desire, calmed, appeased, and happy in his present existence.
    [A fascinating list of asceticisms and pleasures listed here... makes one wonder about life back in the day... the one who combines the practices of the two is the king, or wealthy brahmin who lives luxuriously off the sweat and tears of others... very marxist. I think they list the 227 vows in the "one who does neither"]
  25. One possessed... of passion, of hatred, of delusion, of pride.
  26. One who strives after inner tranquility but not higher insight, one who strives after higher insight but not but not inner tranquility, one who does neither, one who does both.
  27. One who goes along the stream, against the stream, one remaining stationary, A Brahmin who has crossed the stream and has gone to the other shore, established in fruition.
  28. A man who does not live up to what little he has learnt, one who does act up to what little he has learnt, one who, though very learned does not act up to his learning, learned one who lives up to it.
  29. A recluse with firm footing, a lotus-like recluse, a white-lotus-like recluse, a delicate recluse

...By Fives

  1. One who transgresses, becomes remorseful, not liberated by insight
    One who transgresses, not remorseful,  not liberated by insight
    ...does not act, is remorseful, not liberated by insight
    ...neither acts (transgresses), nor liberated, not liberated by insight
    the teacher of the four
  2. One who despises after giving, despises after living together, one with a gasping mouth, one dull and stupid, a low-liking man
    [gaping mouthed one is someone who becomes quickly infatuated by whomever is uttering praise or dispraise]
  3. Five persons... comperable to professional warriors
    1. sees the dust of a distant army and sinks down, becomes remoresful, does not control himself. Comperable to a monk who hears about a pretty girl in a nearby villiage and gives up the precepts to return to 'low household life'.
    2. sees the tops of flags... sees a pretty girl...
    3. hears the battle cries... woman approaches, speaks lightly, converses, laughs, jests with monk...
    4. is killed in the melee... woman lies down near him, stetches out her limbs fully near him, (wink, wink)
    5. survives the melee and is victorious... having extracted himself, having released himself, he goes where he likes; he lives in a solitary place, in a forest, at the foot of a tree,  in a mountain, in a cave, in a mountain grotto, in a cemetary, in the open air, or on a heap of straw: having gone to the forest or at the foot of a tree or in an empty room sits cross-legged, placing the body erect and making recollections ready; he, giving up covetousness in the world, he purifies his mind of covetousness; giving up malice, he lives free from malice;  being compassionate to all beings....  (94)
  4. on alms
    "One lives on alms because of dullness and stupidity, one lives on alms because of sinful desire and moved by desire, one lives on alms because of madness and unbalanced mind, one lives on alms thinking: it is praised by the Buddha and his disciples; but there is one who lives on alms just because of absence of desires, because of contentment, because of eradication of sin, and because [the life is] needed, lives on alms." (95)
  5. ...refusing food after the proper time (repeat 4 sub. each for "alms")
  6. ...using one kind of seat
  7. ...who are rag-wearers
  8. ...wearing the three robes
  9. five forest dwellers
  10. under a tree
  11. under the open sky
  12. five always seated (never lie down)
  13. five using any seat offered
  14. five who dwell in cemetaries

...By Sixes

One who understands the dhamma unheard before, obtains omniscience therein, masters the fruits.
One who understands the dhamma unheard before, puts an end to suffering, becomes a perfect disciple. (bodhisattva?)
...puts an end to suffering, does not attain perfection of a disciple.
...becomes a once-returner.

..By Sevens

  1. Seven persons compared to those immersed in water:
    one who once drowned is drowned = black, immoral qualities
    one who is drowned after emergence = insight wanes
    one who remains stationary after emergence = stream-attainer
    one who swims up after emergence = once returner
    one who obtains a firm footing after emergence = never-returner
    One who as a true Brahmin crosses after emergence and goes to the other shore, establishing himself in fruition. = emancipated by insight.
  2. One emancipated in both ways,
    One emancipated by insight
    An eye-witness
    He who has won view
    One emancipated by faith
    One conforming to the Norm
    One conforming to faith.

...By Eights

Four identifiable with the Path, four identifiable with fruition

...By Nines

A perfectly enightened one
one enlightened for himself
one emancipated in both ways
a person emancipated by insight
an eye-witness
he who won view
a person emancipated by faith
one conforming to the norm
one conforming to faith

Grouping of Human Types by Tens

Five reaching perfection here and five reaching perfection hereafter


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