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Vishuddhamagga, by Buddhagosa
trans from Pali by Bikksu Nanamoli

  • there are 13 acceptible ascetic practices recognized in traditional Buddhist practice: (src: Buddhaghosa, Vishuddhimagga, Chapter II, Dhutanga-niddesa, 2).
    1. the refuse-rag-wearer's practice
    2. the triple-robe-wearer's practice
    3. the alms-food-eater's practice
    4. the house-to-house seeker's practice
    5. the one-sessioner's practice
    6. the bowl-food-eater's practice
    7. the later-food-refuser's practice
    8. the forest dweller's practice
    9. the tree-root-dweller's practice
    10. the open air dweller's practice
    11. the charnel-ground-dweller's practice
    12. the any-bed-user's practice
    13. the sitters practice

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