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Buddhism and Deconstruction
Three grades of understanding in the Hinayana analytic system:
A structural study of the list of seventy-five factors

  • [note to self. Do not belabor what you are not going to do as you do in the abstract. show don't tell, performative, active, not constative or passive. Also don't be dissmissive of your own work, don't talk about the poverty of your research or indulge in other false humilities with cute catchy phrases like "It is not my intention to conduct a comprehensive review of the entire hinayana system here [of course not!]a systematic treatment would demand a much larger space than a short chapter in a small book [duh!]" (20)] also don't talk about what you are going to do, just do it "our purpose is to" "I hope to achieve this" "In what follows I will first" ... etc... BAD!!!
  • "The opposition Between the nominal and the actual as encountered in the analyses of the factors is based on a distinction between two types of signs: nimitta that is linked with the merely nominal and laksana that hints at the intelligible." (20)
  • dude doesn't know what he's talking about...
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