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Hi! Sorry its taken me a bit longer to reply than
usual... E-mail has been rather difficult in my town-
and in the next town over, Its got so bad that
someone tried to hex my counterpart's internet cafe by
placing a bag of raw beef and cola nuts in it- ju-ju!
Aparently it worked. SOmething really nasty is
brewing in my town anyway, maybe its the Ivory Coast
tension spilling over- two little girls are living in
my house who are from there- thier parents are both
missing. If we can't find their mom and dad or find
out that they are dead I swear I would like tooadopt
them. They are the sweetest kids I've ever met.
Unfortunately they are also indentured servants to my
landlord- which is really horrid. About life here-
yeah i'm no a tourist thats fer sure- I'm back in
Accra though with some new and more insanely disgustin
intestinal "dis ting" that involves profuse vomiting
and diarhea of odd foamy stuff that smells and tastes
of rotten egg. Yee haw! At least I have free fast
internet. Thanksgiving is up to me- I am supposed to
make it back up to Kumasi by Friday morning to roast a
turkey bake a few pies etc etc. 5 of my closest PCV
friends will be there. If I can't make it up, they
have all vowed to come to Acra. Also, I have made the
deciscion to move after careful consideration- I
realized that I have not been able to sleep at my site
for more than a few hours yet at a time- so I've been
in a cycle- go to Berekum for two weeks- get sick or
lose my mind and leave for a weekend, return to
Berekum for two weeks.. anyway,. if I could sleep, it
would help a lot. As far as knowing why I am here- I
know it- I understand it and its working- I have
overcome about 80% of my fears, including fear of
death and pain, now I am working on the other few that
hinder me- I am working on getting to like myself- my
new mantra as silly as it may sound is "God loves me
so should I" and it makes me giggle to think about it
and its helping. I'm learning how to take getting
spit in the face without losing dignity. The ultimate
goal is to learn to live without hesitation true to
myself and consitent with my beliefs. Oh yeah and to
teach 160 kids how to draw and trust themselves. :)
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