berkeley pages Travelogue,

Subject: mood improves
Date: 23-02-03

Today I discovered a lurve for Iron Maiden. I applied for three jobs: Landscape Architecture, contract drafting, and Sys. Admin. If they make a hansom offer I might accept... And I discovered the first two of my new workin' out sixpack. Funny funny day. Back into the swing with yoga; contemplating india for certification again... Oh, and downloaded a bunch of Iron Maiden.

So not much happened I guess, but despite being out of weed I feel upbeat. Working out and Saunas and yoga definitely helps. Its 11:30 and I'm having my first beer. "Berkeley Espresso" provides free wireless internet access, and they have extension chords dangling from the ceiling to plug into. Otherwise, its a pretty mediocre environment. They play fuckin' classical all the time... no sofas... Still, they're open till eleven, even on a sunday, which is something.... Now I'm at Triple Rock Brewery. A decent brewpub, but again nothing special. Last night I skated down to Acme; a mile and a half from town, and a bitch of a walk "home." Again, emphasis on the exile, I don't need good bars to distract me. Nor are the pretty girls in the yoga classes compelling yet. I'm managing to stay focused on the important stuff thus far.

I should be working on 3d max now, but I'm not.  I started working through the tutorials last night. A necessary step. Also, gotta get back into drafting. I'm seeing several offers for CAD jockeys in the paper, and I hope to register with an outsourcing contractor for this kind of work soon. We shall see.  We shall see. I'm having a hard time committing to any one course of action. I just crossed the halfway point with my unemployment, where I need to start really looking for a job.  It'll be quite some time till I'm back in grad school; though as soon as I can establish the squat and stop carrying around so much gear, I'm going to start investigaing "independant student" status at Uni.

Another interesting development is that my parents were surprisingly warm to the idea that I am camping out. I found two more squatters in the same area as I am.  One less than a hundred feet away. Problem. Knew it was too good to be true. He's well established, with a latrine and everything.  Several large tupperwares of stuff. hmm. Anyway, prolly harmless.  I woke him up this morning, though, so I know he's there. In the ravine to the west, I found another tent campsite. That makes four of us in too-close-for-comfort proximity.

So, libido under control, drug consumption under control, mood under control, mission slowly clarifying, skillz slowly developing. Starting to see the bonafide need for job first. As a focus, primarily.

So wass goin on in Berkeley? I've given out two business cards now.  One to a girl working in an architectural firm, one to a lawyer (ernest) whom I met at Acme last night. Who knows what will come.  I'm networking. That's the important part.

Oh my.

Not much goin on in my head.  I feel like I'm on track for the first time. Not so daunted. Found a focus for a trip to Japan. I'd like to climb mount fuji. this is done in July/August w/o technical gear. Perhaps I can convince Miyuki to go with me. Then we'd have something... A mission. Something.

So floating it feels like home...

P.S. verified the existence of the Hyenas. Need to follow up on that. Frank may come up next weekend...

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