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Subject: The Latest From Vermont...
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 19:49:53 -0700 (PDT)

Hello friends,

You are receiving this email because I have decided to start sending one of those becoming-ubiquitous whats-up emails to my friends from my email address book. I'll probably send one every two or three months. If you would rather not receive these, just email me your request and I will delete your name from the list. I realize I haven't talked to some of you for years so I'll try to do a quick recap.

1997 to 2001: After never getting that NMH highschool diploma, I graduated from Hampshire in January 97 (hurrah), toyed around in Vermont with teaching, moved to Seattle in January 98, changed my name from Chris Kawecki to Peter Christopher and did computer work, moved back to Vermont in November 99, and have been living here since. Whew. 18 months ago I bought the house I grew up in from my Dad (who had moved out), moved in and started cleaning. I also flirted with several internet startups in San Diego and Vermont but realized I prefer less striving, so I've spent more time homesteading and traveling recently.

2001: What an awesome year, and there's still a lot more left! This has been my year for European adventures. Two trips to Europe took me speedskating in Austria, and traveling in Germany, Netherlands, France, and Iceland. At home, I've kept up the veggie garden nicely and done a tolerable job with the flower garden. Celosia and gladiolas are two of my favorite flowers. I've been writing, taking singing lessons, and meditating every morning. And I ran two marathons this past year - Raleigh and Boston.

So we're up to the present. It is yet another gorgeous day in Vermont. But as part of my volunteer work with AERO (educationrevolution.org), I am leaving on Friday to attend the 80th reunion of Summerhill School in England and the 10th reunion of the New Schools in Russia. I won't be back until August 21. I'm thinking of having a great party sometime in the fall (October probably - so you can come visit Vermont with the beautiful leaves at the changing of the seasons). I'll email about that in early September when I'm back in Vermont full-time. There might also be a small gathering in the final days of August to send off some archeologists who are currently living here while working on a nearby dig (let me know if you think you might be in the area in late August). If you want to come visit Vermont, shoot for sometime between late August and mid-November.

You can find some of my writing and some pictures of my house in Vermont on my new website, which I put up this summer, peterchristopher.com.

Be well, keep in touch, and enjoy our wonderful sun and the soil beneath your feet.

Peter Christopher peter@peterchristopher.com

p.s. If you reply to this email, it will go to me only, not to the whole list.


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