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Date: Fri 2/22/2002 9:48 AM
Subject: Greetings from Vermont...


Dear Friends,

Life is particularly wonderful in Vermont these days. Maybe it's a state of mind.

I have figured out what I have been doing for the past fifteen years! Consider the abstract:

The question is explored how to experience happiness without experiencing unnecessary suffering or requiring unsustainable consumption of material resources. Certain historical and literary research is undertaken and presented; certain experimental research is undertaken and presented; the results are analyzed, in the context of the ongoing project of the application of the findings to the life of the writer.

It seems, of course, that this is what we're all doing. But yet how common is it in our society to explicitly address in writing or thought this basic quest as a scientific project? I don't think it's very common, but feel free to correct me if you think I'm wrong :-) For fun, I started to write it up as scientific research in progress... Do you know anyone else who would be right for the job? If you want to read it when I'm done, let me know and I'll send you a copy.

My last email to friends was sent late the night of September 10. Things changed the next morning, didn't they! Here's my six months in review: I've spent almost all of it in Vermont, reducing my 'normal' activities even more and increasing my 'contemplative' activities - meditation, reading, exercise, and writing. It has been a great gift to have this time with myself, to learn about myself, to develop affection for myself and my lifestyle.

Recently, I started going to a writing group in the metropolis of Bethel, Vermont. I even popped out a couple pieces and revised one old one:


So, upcoming news - I'm headed to the west for March and April. I'll hit San Diego, San Francisco, Hawaii, Portland, and Seattle. If you want to catch up and you're in one of those places, email me soon so we can plan it. I'm leaving VT in the first few days of March. I'm looking for a ride from San Diego to San Francisco around March 11, and from Portland to Seattle or Port
Townsend around April 13. If you or someone you know is going that way, I'll
gladly pay for gas and some treats along the way! Also if you know anyone on Maui or the big island of Hawaii who you think I should meet, please help me get in touch with them.

This summer - plans call for being in Vermont lots and lots. As always, you're all invited to come on by and catch some relaxation.



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