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Letter to Jonas

Brother, how your words rejoice me,
hearing how should your true voice be,
o'er the coastal drawl does hoist me
this New World tone that I abhor,
me thinks I'm lost in Seattle's lingo,
dotcom starbucks herb and gingko,
but it be merely lingua gringo,
spoken on this distant shore,
our true English is no more.

Saint Francis' town and I have parted,
though love wrought 'tween us was whole-hearted,
t'is but put off to be restarted,
on some clear morn that lies before,
the time bequeathed me's nay for squandering,
so must I godspeed north wandering,
all the while my wyrd fate pondering,
what shallt Hermes bring to fore,
o'er new travels my thoughts do pour.

A few nights hence shall bring me sound
to our elders' hearth to gather round,
and spin the tales this fortnight's found,
to weave for them franciscan lore,
on Saturn's day shall all assemble,
the globe's metropoli shall tremble,
with hails rung out to disassemble
preparations t'ward the coming war,
to cry to slaughter "Nevermore!"

And to thy query "whither thence?",
I answer thee "to France" from whence
I came not more than three months hence,
though seem more distanc'd days of yore,
I long for my true love's embrace,
in Frederic shall I seek solace,
before anew does spring the race
t'ward ventures at the Finnish fore,
it seems life has but joy in store.

My dear sweet brother, only you
are wanting in this future coup,
so do make haste and follow through
in your return to Finland's shore,
for with our talents full unfurled,
into wide smiles our lips be curled,
for we shall overtake the world,
to rule with reason evermore,
and cry to boredom "Nevermore!"

I fear my English hast come contaminated with vulgar
ills from the Americas, do forgive any uncouth
vocabulary, dear brother, and godspeed you home to us
with acquired knowledge of the Indias,
I am avid for news of your well-being,
write soon,

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