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Walking in fog with echoes, and dismal prayers

Between shadows and ocean there are faces, and faces.. like the
playground with
Merciful bars that burn your hand occasionally

He asked me If I'd been sleeping........ maybe, maybe its
just moments
Bursts of happiness or clarity.
Why such pain can come in recollection of the climax,
A climax.. And we continue striving upwards....

The sphere too often dismissed
He asked me waht I claim to when the game is
I knew my answer, the words need no proof,
there is a strange kind of trust that comes from necessity................
Call it faith in Jah, Allah, Buddha, Christ, some call iy money, or spirit

But we objectify like addicts to understand
we compare people to other people so we can
claim our comprehensive stakes
and fool ourselves into believing we fully grasp what is

And then.. then we forget , again and collapse into old
there's this magic too easily forgotten called
innocense. I choose Innocense

Like Henry and june, I choose innosence while I
fuck, Recollect and pray to wahtever that magic thing is

HAVE I BEEN SLEEPING?? maybe, Maybe the mad
dejavu is mom yelling at you in the 7th grade to go to school while you bury
your head..
But underneath gravel and balck lungs, and regrets
and the tick tock flow go go stop smell sweat rushing resistance, and
bitterness at fathers, or teachers named Fraulein Schmidt, and being
misunderstood, or outcast, or social injustice, and rejection and closed
closed closed doors...
There is a motha fuckin beauty ababy doll

AND I STILL CHOOSE INNOCENSE! OH.. sweet honey on the rock
is singin' my prayer right now, so thick..... "we who believe in freedom
cannot rest until it comes. not needing to clutch for power, Not needing
the light just to shine on me" But ya know' I'm still another fuckin'
asshole who forgets the sphere
and climbs upwards, and loses balance at times
I"m another asshole who contributes and plays the game
we forget is circular,

Trying to be somehting "great".. and that great, is some illusion of
He asked e what i calim to when the game is done.. Outside of
struggling to make rent, and being a stranger among 8 million, and hussling
and harassing, and striving, I am in love with a brilliant light
It's better than a full spectrum rainbow, and it's better than
claim, or a moment od shallow satisfaction.. and it's better than what
millions are trying to grasp , climbing upwards on some tiny island called
Manhattan, within it all is this brilliant light, and I'm in love like
JUliet, and I choose innocense like June
call it Allah, Buddha, samsara, call it love, or passion
,call it trust, to live and experience
and to taste, and to awake everyday in
pursual of freedom
We will sing our sacred song in a
strange land, the sacred cannot be touched but understood
He asked me If I'd been sleeping, and for a moment
I awoke to answer.

_ Mad crazy love, S.

© 2003 Hudson Cress. All rights reserved. No portion of this document may be used in any way without the explicit written consent of Hudson Cress. For more information, visit