Yuvia's Travel Email

Date: Feb 14, 2003
Subject: On to vietnam

Greetings to all my favorite people!!
It is amazing what one becomes accustom to when
traveling for long periods of time.
I just watched a five year old and a seven year old
cross a street with the most herendouse traffic.
The little girls were homeless. They pick up trash for
a living and most likely have no families. Completely
in charge of their own little lives.
I myself barely even notice crossing the streets
anymore. It is very simple, you just walk straight
into it, never change your speed, never stop and the
traffic somehow moves around you.
The basic transport here is by moto. A bunch of guys
wait around on their bikes until you are ready to go.
They are constantly asking, where you go? You come
with me...On and on, not a moment of peace.
I am very brave on them now. I ride side saddle like
the Cambodian women and hardly even hold on. Sometimes
we have three or four on a bike, it's great.

Every day bring something new. One never knows when
they are going to be so touched by an individual that
their lives will never be the same again.
I met a guy from Canada who met a little boy dying of
AIDS. His mother and father had both already died of
the disease. He picked up cans on the beach and slept
there as well.
The Canadian can't leave him now. He is changing his
whole trip to stay with this boy through his dying
I have been getting all kinds of ideas for group
homes, schools and ways to support...
The littlest amount of money goes so far. I donated
200$ to an orphanage from my mom (she donated, I
delivered). I have never experienced so much thanks
and prays. They said the money would completely
support six babies for one month.
So, although Cambodia has been one of the best
experiences of my life, tomorrow I move on.
Vietnam awaits and I am ready for my new adventure. I
know there are going to be some hard times. The war
museums in Saigon really show it like it is, most
people that go are well horrified. Being American
takes on a whole new meaning...
Speaking of which, the hatred for America and all that
live there is growing.
It is a part of my life to apologize everywhere I go.
I get eye rolls and all kinds of rude gestures when my
home is brought up. I dread the question, where are
you from?
It is good to be out here and show the world that we
are not all money hungry, materialistic, power driven
Bush heads...
People from other countries definitely spend much more
time thinking about, and putting down the U.S then we
ever do about their countries. At least in my circles?
Okay, I think this is long enough to bore you all to
pieces, if you made it through...thanks.
The e-mail system is much rougher in Vietnam, so my
letters may be few and far between, but I still love
to hear from you. There is something so comforting
about a familiar loving voice, or word....whatever.
Enjoy life and continue to be the brilliant, positive
people you all are.

love always, yuv

© Hudson Cress, 2003. All rights reserved.
Disclaimer: All events and people are part of the elaborate fiction that is my private reality. Any resemblence to actual people or events is purely coincidental.