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Date: 4-19-03
Subject: The final take

Where does this letter begin?
So much has happened in the last few weeks. I guess
the big news is that I am coming home. It is final, I
have my ticket and in only a few short days I will be
on my way.
I have mixed emotions about this. Life is up in the
air when I return. No job, no home, no.... well
basically, I don't know what I am returning to. Mainly
I am excited about the people. I am excited to be
around those I know and love, those who know me for
more than the American girl.
I heard the war is over?
I am sure it can not be that easy but I am glad that
we are past some part of the crazy nonsense.

I just got back from Koh Tao where I became an
Advanced Open Water Diver!! Wahoo!
I can now dive to 30m/100ft, at night, with only a
buddy, (I am actually qualified to lead a dive)Right..
I learned how to navigate with a compass,
and...basically I just got really caught up in it all,
spent way to much money, but definitely had a
memorable experience. I spotted two black tip sharks
in a cave and won story of the day in our little
diving scene.
Speaking of the diving scene, I was extremely
intimidated by the whole "scene" experience when I
arrived and literally took a few days to come to terms
with it. After back packing all over I was not used to
people ...even knowing each other for example.
There is more to the scene though, it is something
about people judging and respecting each other on a
purely athletic, skill based levels. If you can do
something really good...well, your in.
I kind of hid out for a few days. Not to mention it
was almost all couples who were shocked that I was all
alone....It was great I love being alone, the
underwater world is literally breathtaking.. We got to
go on at least two dives a day. I studied a lot and
achieved a personal goal. (now I just have to go sky
diving, hand gliding wind surfing..)

It was also the Thai new year (my third new year of
the new year). Basically it was one huge water fight.
There are no limits, no rules, everyone is fair game,
and it was out of control. Water fight lovers should
definitely plan their trip around this event. It last
for about a week, give or take a few days. Wet fun.

I traveled all day yesterday, met a bunch of French
guys and a Thai guy that invited me to a Bangkok,
college, house party. It was an aspect of Thailand
that I have not seen yet. We talked all night about
Thai politics, and yes, America's as well.
You cant go anywhere or do anything with out talking
about America. Everyone has their own ideas on what is
going on but it all comes down to America being the
big bully of the world. Filled with money, greed,
weapons of mass destruction, naive.. Honestly, people
absolutely hate our country and have very little
respect for most that live there. I have found it a
bit disappointing how many can not separate between
people and government.

Last night I went to a sex show. (sorry Bo, but I have
to talk about this) It was an interesting, mind
expanding experience, ummm, ya. The women have
incredible lower body muscle control and can actually
shoot darts, ping pong balls,and bananas, open
bottles, smoke cigarettes and blow horns all with
their vaginas..oh ya, I cant forget about the razer
blades and other glow in the dark things that seem to
never end....
I know, I know. But it is just one of those things
that you have to see for yourself. The women seemed a
bit bored however, I guess razer blades lose there
thrill after a while.
The prostitution was full on and as usual I could not
help but really watch the "scene". I am always drawn
to the eyes of these girls. What is really going on
behind the flirty smiles, laughs and passionate
touching. I think the touching is free and I believe
many of the guys were in complete heaven without even
leaving the couches. The women are beautiful.
It is so great in Bangkok because different sexes are
really advancing to the next level, kind of merging
together. Many of the most beautiful women are
actually men...well, Lady boys. All the foreigner guys
have had there lady boy experiences, often un
intended, but I have to say I think they liked it.
Okay enough on this....if you have any questions
though, feel free.

I am looking forward to learning exactly what I have
come away with. I know I have a lot of confidence in
my personal abilities to navigate around the world. I
know that although it is nice to have others around, I
can be pretty self sufficient. I can even open a can
with one of those swiss army knife openers. I never
thought I could do that.
I learned so much about the world. Honestly, not just
the countries I was in, but everywhere. I know
European politics.. I know why the U.K. is separate. I the world feels about America.
I know myself. I know what makes me break down and how
to deal with pain and suffering (within myself of
course). I know my emotions, my strengths, I know that
I don't really know shit.
But, that I gave myself a good test, and for the most
part I am happy with what I found.
Traveling inspires me. I love finding out about the
world, myself and the minds of others. There is so
much history, so many questions, so much still to come
and always an endless amount to learn.
I know that our time on this earth is short. In the
realm of things only a glimmer. We can sit back and
play it safe or we can embrace what we have. We can
want what we aren't, or we can work with what we are.
I plan on living, here and now.
My last day on Koh Tao I had a little bungalow that
sat on stilts right above the sea. It was beautiful,
secluded and a perfect place to say goodbye to island
I felt a bit sad and overwhelmed with emotion. I
turned my head and there on the door it said,
"Take responsibility for your happiness and creation
of your reality."
So simple and true.
Thank you all for being a part of my life. I am so
blessed and I owe much of it to you.
joy and love, yuvia

----Anyone want to pick me up? 11:30pm on Wednesday in
Mama I'm comin home...

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