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Date: 20-11-04
Subject: Adventure after Adventure!

The Diwali Festival was amazing. Tim and I arrived in
the little village in which my Bi(brother)lives as
honored guests. I was given a sari and immediately
dressed as a Hindu woman. My hair was put up, red dot
centered between my eyes with the sari snuggly fitted
then wrapped around my shoulder. I was given matching
bracelets and told by everyone how beautiful I looked
as they laughed in amusment. It was special. I have
always wanted to wear a sari. It was not as
comfortable as I had hoped. One problem is that I am,
well, much bigger than the average Nepali women. The
arms on my little top were too tight and the string
holding up my under-dress had absolutely no give. It
helped my posture but nothing felt better than taking
it off at the end of a long day of being treated as
It is surprising how tiring it can be when so
It is hard to eat in the home of a family that you
know is offering their absolute best to you. WE eat
first. If we eat too little they are insulted and if
we eat too much, they will not eat at all.
It is hard to pass up the pork when you know they are
looking at it with watery mouths. All the chunks that
are mainly fat and skin which remind me of the last
time I got extremely sick and swore off pork for the
rest of my life...but, I eat it, cause what else can
you do?
We drink the tea praying that they boiled the water
long enough...not dysentery again, please. But we
drink it, the rest of the family does not drink tea.
They drink the untreated water that has made the ten
month old baby sick for the last few months. The baby
has been so sick that at ten months he does not crawl,
has no teeth and is still small enough to hold for
hours without tiring.
Only Kodgi(my brother) who we met rafting has a job.
He supports his wife their two children and her
sister's family of five, plus the wife's mother.
He does the best he can but at twenty two with no work
available it is tough. His wife is eighteen, they have
been married since she was thirteen. Arranged marriage
is still the most practiced way. It is crazy to know
such an old eighteen year old. Her eyes are certainly
beyond her years.
Anyway, it was a beautiful experience. We camped by
the river and each morning were greeted by a dozen
adorable children all calling out Dee Dee(big sister)
and grabbing my hands to pull me along. I got to
snuggle with them and love on some babies which to me
is one of the greatest blessings in life. I love kids.
So this is just a (almost) short letter to let you
know I am trekking the Everest Region tomorrow. I will
be out of mail contact for about a month. I think this
is going to be my hardest adventure so far. We bought
a bunch of warm cloths and lightened our
So you all take care of yourselves in the scary world
of cars, violence, disease...See what I m saying, your
lives are much chancier than mine. I am simply going
to be trekkin along in the Himalayas.
I am always thinking about and loving you...Take
Enjoy, be good to each other..Write me. I will love
letters when I return.
You are truly the best and I am thankful to have you
in my life.
XOXO yuv



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