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Date: 07-01-05
Subject: My Mind in a Huge Land

Inspiration to write...
I don't know why it is so difficult in a country full
of so much color, history, wealth, poverty, beauty,
and spirituality.
I guess there is just so much happening here that my
senses have not figured out how to explain it, without
taking away what makes it so special. I cant explain
the poverty without first giving a picture of the
unity. The way in which people take care of each
other. This unity cant be explained without the
spirituality that is always here, prominent through
the grime, baggers and crowds of people. The people
cant be explained without understanding where they
come from..
Basically I am still grasping exactly what India means
to me. The only thing I am sure of is how much I love
I am impressed with this country, its amazing balance
between old and new worlds. It is like none of the
third world countries I have been to. There are many
rich among the poor and modern mixed with old,
I find myself in Rishikesh doing yoga and meditating
with a diligence I have always desired but never been
able to pull of in a world full of, my life.
Yoga takes up seven hours of my day. This includes a
one hour lecture and a half hour of silent meditation.

The rest of our yoga practice is full of meditation as
well due to the fact that we hold each asana
(posture)for AT LEAST five mins. which is a lot when
doing a shoulder stand and beyond.
The lectures have alot of your basics, do not steal,
practice none violence, never lie...
As well as cleansing techniques that range from
drinking urine, washing your stomach out every morning
with warm water then vomiting... No, so far I have not
tried the pee thing.
Being a hippy child none of this came as much
surprise, although when I was told yesterday I should
work on stopping my period because it is not natural,
I had some questions.
Everyone needs to be very careful to because we only
have a limited supply of oshos (sexual energy), it
breaks down to 3 1/2 drops. Sexual energy is your life
force. So unless you know how to have sex correctly,
(Tantra) you're better off to not do it at all.
Apparently that is why so many people are taking
Viagra...and evil drug that only sickens a dying
Good News for people not having sex and feeling bad
about it! You are saving oshos... They are needed for
creativity of every type, "power for your propeller."
Okay, come to India if you want to know more.
Well, I hope you all are wonderful. Through all the
pain life continues on and we all have the opportunity
to live it with love, compassion, honesty and grateful
Love, prayer and joy to you...yuvia

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