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Date: 20-01-05
Subject: Eyes of War

This adventure continues to roll along bringing with
it highs and lows. Something that traveling, but
especially India seems to be good at.
Decided against Kashmir. It was cold and we realized
the importance of respecting where we were. In Jammu,
a city in the state of Kashmir we felt the power of
war. Just after arriving a grenade went off about a
quarter mile away from where we were staying. It was a
huge explosion and the next morning we got to read
about it in the paper. 16 injured, some severely, but
no one died.
The deaths of those from opposing sides filled up the
pages of the paper. Many innocent killed as well.
Building newly remodeled blown up once again.
On the streets, even more heart wrenching then the
papers, we got to interact with those living in it.
Eyes serious, women and children nowhere around...
Something that I always notice about places of war is
that to hear laughter makes you turn your head. To see
people loose and smiling seems out of place.

I feel I have been to enough places of war that, to a
point, I know how they live.
Life goes on. People still go to work, take care of
their children, pray to their gods...but the laughter
is gone. They live in fear. Tension always in the air.
Choices are not a reality. Even if there is help (such
as foreign aid in Iraq), there are to many that need
it. No one knows when the next bomb will go off, only
that it will. Life is fragile and another day is
another day. Something that many they love never get
to see.
When war is in front of me, it seems imposable that
there could ever be a good enough reason. It is not
just the deaths, it is the lifes that makes me the
most sad. India and Pakistan have been brutally
fighting since 1989(I think? probably much longer).
Today, years later they continue to fight. Their city
run down, tourism shattered. Stress in the air that
spreads rapidly to all. I felt it, I still feel it
today as I sit in McLouganj, home of the Dalai Lama.
The Tibetans have been taking refuge here ever since
China took over Tibet. So the vibes are wonderful.
Oh the Himalayas,a place I love to be.
The Dali Lama is not here right now but he will be
back in February. His energy is here though and at
this moment I am about a five minute walk from his
monastery. I guess he can be heard speaking all over
town when he is home. I think he says his prayers over
a loud speaker.
Seeing pain from every direction is an amazing way to
be reminded of our many blessing. To be thankful
everyday for the lives of freedom, choice, love,
enough of everything.
There is so much going on in the world that a car that
wont start, or a cold that wont go away, even a love
that no longer is, are small. Nothing in the realm of
things. There are so many with simple diseases that
they will die from for lack of medicine, entire
family's killed,homless everywhere, fear always...
I could go on and on because here it is endless, but
really the details are not important. It is enjoying
the moment that is.
I love you, take care and enjoy, yuvia


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