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Date: 7-03-05
Subject: Land to Land

Namaste my dear friends and family,

Today we leave this beautiful Asian country and Head back to life in the USA. I am excited about my future and have completely enjoyed the past. Now, all that truly exist is exactly where I am supposed to be. We are flying out of Nepal so we got a Chance to feel the love from this country once again. At sunrise this morning we went to Shawmbhu Stuppa, the largest Buddhist stuppa in the world. It was absolutely, without a doubt one of the most spiritual temple, Church type places I have ever been. Tears came to my eyes and I was taken over with thanks for this amazing adventure and all it has brought to me.

I have met people that will stay in my heart forever. I have seen land where history has, and continues, to change the world. I have seen spirituality embracing life and death equally, found strength inn myself, been taken to new limits and succeeded. I have seen color of every shade and brilliance, been brought to tears and overcome with joy and laughter. I have been blessed by holy people and prayed on holy land, taken part in traditions that are thousands of years old. I have seen the richest and the poorest, felt the Love from both. I have been glared at and smiled at, embraced with Love and turned away in disgust. I bring home so much, More than I have ever had before, yet, where I am is where I am. A place is only a place. We can find joy and pain anywhere...  A lesson that always comes back to me.

So I leave this journey to start another, knowing but still learning to understand who I am inside.

Thank you for being a part of my life.
Namaste, see you soon...
Love Yuvia

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