Best Slow Speed Propane Generator

Best slow speed propane generator- Complete Buyer’s Guide & Reviews {Updated 2020}

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Whether you live in an area where the power often goes out, or you’re expecting a rare weather event to occur, a generator might be an essential part of your survival toolkit. For people who enjoy camping, working, or just exploring the outdoors, a portable generator can also be handy in many applications.

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Either way, a full-size and fully noisy generator isn’t often the best option. Therefore, we’ve rounded up the best quiet generators that are also portable and handy for many applications whether you’re at home, on the road, or at a campground.

Best Slow Speed Propane Generator

Here are our top recommendations for getting the best slow propane generator possible. But before that let’s know the pros and cons of Propane generator.

Pros & Cons

  • Long shelf life
  • Clean burning
  • Easily stored in both large tanks or in smaller 5 – 10 gallon cylinders
  • Obtainable during power outages – gas stations may be unable to pump fuel during an area wide outage
  • Home delivery available for larger tanks
  • Quieter engine noise level
  • More emission compliant
  • Gaseous engines do not have a problem with “wet stacking like diesels
  • Less expensive units with air-cooled engines are budget priced.
  • Engine life for liquid-cooled 1800 RPM engines can approach 5,000 to 6,000 hours on industrial quality gaseous GenSet
  • Pressurised cylinder of flammable gas
  • Fuel system is more complicated (increased possibility of failure)
  • Larger tanks are not aesthetically pleasing (unsightly)
  • Fuel system plumbing results in higher installation cost
  • Somewhat expensive fuel, check your local prices
  • Propane can become very dangerous if lines are broken.
  • Propane begins to derate around -20 degrees above zero
  • Initial cost of generator is somewhat higher, 15 to 20% especially in sizes larger than 30 kW.
  • More expensive to operate by as much as 3-times the fuel consumption compared to diesels;
  • Shorter life expectancy by a factor or 10 to 1for air-cooled models and 3 to 1 for water-cooled models compared to diesel powered GenSets
  • Smaller air-cooled gaseous engines are less expensive than comparable diesels but have a short life expectancy as low as 500-hours depending on engine make and use
  • Shorter life than diesel engines


Top 7 Best slow propane generator are:-


  1. WEN 56125i Super Quiet 1250-Watt Generator:

WEN’s Super Quiet model promises to deliver high power with low noise in a portable package that’s safe to use with electronic devices and more.

With a decibel rating of 51, WEN’s generator is as quiet as a window AC unit or an average-volume conversation. But that’s not the only plus: the unit is also rated safe for laptops, cellphones, tablets, and other electronics that tend to be vulnerable to overloading.

An ultra-efficient fuel tank offers over five hours of power at half-load, and there is also an Eco-Mode Throttle to save gasoline. The feature allows the generator to detect when items are plugged or unplugged, allowing it to manage fuel consumption accordingly.

Low-oil and low-fuel settings mean automatic shutoff for safety, and indicator lights keep you updated on what’s happening. Plus, if you need more power, you can link up two WEN generators with a separate connection kit to share wattage.

Oil changes are a regular occurrence with this small but mighty unit (about every 25 hours), and you’ll also want to remove the gas if you’re going to let it sit for any amount of time.

WEN 56125i Super Quiet 1250 Watt Generator

However, that might be difficult, as when you shut the unit off, it automatically closes the fuel line, thus trapping fuel in the carburetor if there was any still circulating.

 The quietest mode is, of course, the eco mode, but operation noise is relatively low even when you’re throttling on full power.


Highlights –

  • 1250 Watts
  • EPA III and CARB Compliant
  • Includes two three-prong 120V receptacles and two 5V USB ports
  • .7-gallon tank
  • Over five hours of half-load time
  • Operates at 51 decibels
  • Two-year warranty

Pros & Cons

  • Parallel connection function
  • Includes USB ports
  • Eco-Mode adjusts to conserve fuel
  • USDA-approved spark arrestor
  • Low capacity fuel tank limits usage without refueling
  • Fuel draining issues
  1. Honda EU3000iS Generator:

Clean inverter power plus a noise level that’s low enough to sustain a regular conversation nearby, Honda’s EU3000iS has everything you need for long-lasting generator power.

With a quiet range of 49 – 58 decibels, Honda’s EU3000iS might just be the envy of your neighbors or anyone whose generator prevents them from having a conversation at a regular volume.

Not only does this unit produce substantially less noise than a typical generator, but it also sips fuel while other generators guzzle it.

An eco-throttle mode helps ration the fuel, but even running at full power, you can expect great ‘mileage’ out of the unit. It starts with a quick pull and offers reliable and safe power for your home or campsite.

It is a hefty model, however, weighing in at well over 150 pounds with fuel on board. Despite its small size, you will want to consider the weight before any other factor if you’re planning to move the unit frequently or use it in an RV or another vehicle.

Honda EU3000iS Generator

One frustrating aspect of this generator is it ships without oil. Therefore, to get it started upon arrival, you’ll need to have oil on hand. You may also want to have tools on hand to ensure everything is in its proper place before attempting to start the inverter up.

In addition to oil (and potentially a couple of tools), you will also want to track down a 12V charger cable for charging external batteries as Honda doesn’t include one with the inverter.


Highlights –

  • Operates at 49 to 58 dB
  • Up to 20 hours on 3.4 gallons of fuel
  • Eco-throttle
  • Auto shutoff when oil is low
  • 2800 Watts
  • AC outlets only (no USB)

Pros & Cons

  • Electronics-safe inverter power
  • Low dBA output
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Weighs in at nearly 200 pounds (with fuel)
  • Ships without oil
  • No USB outlets


  1. Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Portable Inverter Generator:

Yamaha packs the features of a larger generator into a small and portable unit that operates as quietly as any other in its class. The EF2000iSv2 has smart features that help make operation easier and more efficient.

Lightweight and compact, Yamaha’s EF2000iSv2 is one of the smallest portable inverters available. But although it’s small, it has a long run time thanks to exceptional fuel efficiency via the Smart Throttle.

Smart Throttle is a load-sensing RPM control that adjusts the engine speed based on the load. You’ll save fuel with this feature, but it also helps reduce noise when operating at lower speeds.

At ¼ rated load, you can expect about 10.5 hours of run time, an impressive stat for such a small machine. You can also use the unit’s parallel function to team it up with a second generator from Yamaha (cables are not included).

As far as noise, the unit ranges between 51.5 dBA to 61 dBA, neither of which is terribly loud. The generator also has rubber vibration isolation feet, which Yamaha notes also helps reduce noise and keep things running smoothly.

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Portable Inverter Generator

And when it’s time to stow the unit away, the gasoline petcock comes in handy. The feature allows you to cut off gasoline to the carburettor for storage, ensuring there won’t be any buildup when you break it out again for the next use.

You may find it’s necessary to change (or add to) the oil often, partly due to the oil reservoir’s small size. Overall, however, it’s a minor drawback.



  • 1600-Watt output
  • Muffler with USFS-approved spark arrestor
  • 51 dBA
  • Smart Throttle varied engine speed
  • CARB Compliant
  • Fuel gauge
  • Gasoline petcock
  • Oil Watch Warning system
  • Three-year warranty


Pros & Cons

  • Smart Throttle for fuel efficiency
  • Easily visible fuel gauge
  • Gasoline petcock for storage
  • Consumes a lot of oil (and oil reserve is small)


  1. Atima AY2000i:

A handy generator that’s truly portable, Atima’s AY2000i is powered by a Yamaha engine and shares the same fuel-saving capacities as the renowned power-sports company. The super-quiet noise factor is also comparable to similarly equipped models.

At around 50 pounds, the Atima AY2000i is a manageable portable generator with one key feature: it’s powered by a Yamaha engine.

However you feel about brand names, Yamaha has a great reputation for its motors, so it’s safe to say you can expect high performance from this unit.

And although it’s lightweight by generator standards, one end has a set of wheels for manoeuvrability. Its shape is a bit bulky, but overall, it’s a lot trimmer than many other inverter options and a bit nicer to look at, too.

An LCD display helps add to the overall appearance, and the aluminium styling blends in nicely wherever you opt to use the generator.

The integrated wheels are handy for moving it around, but the narrow profile means you can likely lug it by the handle quite comfortably as well.

With the innovative design, however, you might expect more features, such as a fuel gauge or other indicators. But there are none; apart from the aluminium casing and flashy paint job, there isn’t much that’s very modern about this inverter.

Atima AY2000i

It does the job, and does it quietly, but it still starts with a pull-cord and requires you to track hours of operation to get an idea of the fuel consumption.



  • Yamaha engine
  • CARB Compliant
  • Two-year support
  • Smart Throttle varied engine speed
  • One-gallon fuel capacity
  • 3-hour run time at ¼ loa51 dBA to 61 dB
  • 1600-Watt output


Pros & Cons

  • Easy to move (wheels)
  • Smart Throttle for fuel efficiency
  • No fuel gauge
  1. Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200:

A handy inverter generator with a light overall weight and reasonable sound production, the Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 Inverter Generator packs plenty of power into a small package.

With a computer-controlled engine, Briggs & Stratton’s inverter generator maintains efficient and consistent power that’s also quiet. It offers 1700 Watts of power and is easy to use and transport at a light weight of just over 55 pounds.

Carrying handles are a helpful feature on this model, but it’s the lighter weight that’s most helpful for maneuverability.

In terms of drawbacks, there is one potential pitfall of this model: it won’t ship to customers in California. Unfortunately, this Briggs & Stratton inverter generator won’t pass emissions rules for the state, and the company hasn’t yet created a California-compliant option.

And although the decibel output is relatively low, it’s not the quietest generator available. But in terms of sticking to a budget, Briggs & Stratton might be the ideal solution—as long as you don’t live in California.

Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200

An eight-hour run time (at 25 percent load) means you’ll have plenty of power for most needs throughout the day without running low on fuel. There is no eco mode, however, so you have little control over the fuel consumption apart from powering down appliances.

For a handy and easy to run generator option that’s reasonably quiet, the 30651 P2200 portable generator is one of our top choices.


Highlights –

  • 1700 running Watts
  • 1-gallon fuel tank
  • Parallel connector port
  • 59 dBA operating volume
  • 2 120V outlets
  • 12V-5A DC outlet with USB adapter
  • 24-month warranty


Pros & Cons

  • Multiple outlets and parallel connector port
  • Manoeuvrable (with handles) and lightweight
  • USB compatible
  • Does not ship to California
  • Lower running Watts


  1. Generac 6866 iQ2000 Generator:

Generac’s 6866 iQ2000 operates at three separate levels with varying noise production, giving you the ability to customize the output to suit a range of needs.

 Three modes of operation ensure you can achieve the least amount of noise possible depending on your power needs with the Generac 6866 iQ2000.

The PowerDial allows you to start the generator up quickly while a rocker switch toggles between the three settings.

The light-up display shows how much wattage the unit is producing so you can determine the right setting and what you can plug in. A run-time remaining display helps you gauge fuel remaining and plan accordingly.

The display features are handy for keeping track of output and fuel reserves, and these are also two features we don’t often see on portable generators.

 And at just under 50 pounds, Generac’s quiet generator is a handy option, too. The top handle helps with maneuverability and it’s lighter than most other inverter generators on the market.

Generac 6866 iQ2000 Generator

 One drawback to note is the machine’s requirement for pure fuel; it appears that low-quality gasoline causes issues with the engine. To avoid corrosion and rough operation, aim to use high-quality gas if possible.

 A specific decibel rating is missing from the manufacturer’s outline, but this Generac model likely won’t disturb the average person engaging in conversation, which is a plus in terms of keeping noise to a minimum.

And of course, the lower level outputs produce less noise, which is ideal for running the unit at night when you only need an appliance such as a fan or a small AC unit.



  • 06-gallon fuel capacity
  • PowerDial functions
  • PowerBar wattage display
  • 7 hours run time at 25 % load
  • Parallel kit available (not included)
  • Economy, Standard, and Turbo modes
  • 1600-Watt output
  • 53 dBA


Pros & Cons

  • PowerBar shows wattage produced
  • Adjustable engine speed helps cut down noise
  • Time until empty indicator
  • Appears sensitive; low-quality gasoline causes issues


  1. Champion 4000-Watt DH Series Open Frame Inverter:

An open-frame style generator that’s 50 percent quieter than Champion’s standard model, the DH Series offers a 17-hour run time and plenty of clean electricity for your household electronics (and more).

Not only is Champion’s DH Series inverter quieter than its predecessor, but it’s also 20 percent lighter. The open frame means it’s easy to handle and cuts some off the bulk off other models.

The unit utilizes Quiet Technology digital inverter components and offers Clean Power with low THD.It arrives fully assembled (just add gas and oil), and the Quick Touch Panel makes adjustments simple.

There’s also Cold Start tech to ensure you have power when you need it, regardless of the environmental conditions, and a 2.9-gallon fuel tank means plenty of run time, too.

The 64-dBA noise output is only a bit louder than regular speech from about 23 feet away, meaning it’s substantially quieter than Champion’s other offerings.

Economy Mode offers an even quieter operation with power consumption monitoring to adjust the output depending on what you connect or disconnect.

Champion 4000 Watt DH Series Open Frame Inverter

Overall, for its handy size and ample fuel tank, the Champion DH Series open frame unit is a great choice for remote power that lasts. Of course, it’s a bit louder than fully enclosed models, but the trade-off is lighter weight and better portability.



  • Economy Mode to save fuel and extend engine life
  • 64 dBA
  • Up to 17 hours run time on 3500 running watts
  • 120V 30A RV and two 120V 20A household outlets and 12V DC outlet with dual USB adapter
  • Parallel ready with an optional Parallel Kit
  • Three-year warranty
  • Lifetime technical support from Champion


Pros & Cons

  • Lighter weight than an enclosed inverter
  • Ample fuel tank capacity
  • Manoeuvrable thanks to the lightweight frame
  • Economy Mode with fuel-saving capabilities
  • Slightly louder than fully-enclosed generators

Final verdict

While there’s no such thing as a truly silent generator, today’s technology has made it possible to achieve very low noise levels while generating plenty of power.


Whether you need to run an AC unit or power an entire RV or home, there’s a quiet generator to do the job without all the noise pollution.


And the best part is, the relative quiet isn’t the only benefit of these portable and energy-efficient generator models. There are plenty of helpful features that make generating power easy and even enjoyable.


We hope this article helped you knowing which is the best slow propane generatorfor you.

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