How to convert gas generator to propane? {Updated 2020}

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Steps to convey gas generator to propane are:-

The first step involved in mounting the kit is removing the air cleaner and fitting an adapter (venturi) with a propane fuel port on the bolts that connect the air-cleaner base to the carburetor.

This will usually require using a couple of bolt extensions (provided in the kit) to allow remounting of the a/c.

The second step is to mount to the frame of the generator a regulator through which the propane passes on its way to the carburetor.

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There are a number of brass fittings that must be secured to the adapter and regulator, both of which are made of aluminum, so these fitting threads should be wrapped with Teflon tape and then snugged down.

How to Convert Gas Generator to Propane?




You must take care not to crank down too hard on these fittings, or you’ll find yourself in a real bind with stripped aluminum threads.

After the adapter and regulator are secured, with all fittings tightened, you attach a hose that runs from the regulator to the adapter and one that runs from the regulator to the propane tank, and you’re ready to fire that sucker up.

Prime the system by pressing the little button on the back side of the regulator and crank the engine, using the adjustment screw on the regulator to smooth out the engine and set the rpm that suits you.

It is my understanding that generators run quieter and smoother on propane, but We have to wait to confirm that this is so.

How to Convert Gas Generator to Propane?

Quite a few companies offer these conversion kits online, so you’ll have no trouble finding one. Just be certain that you have available the make and model of your engine when you place your order.


Final verdict

A step by step instruction on how we converted our generator to run on propane as a back up fuel source. There a numerous reasons one might want to do this. You might need a cleaner burning engine.

You might not want to store or carry large amounts of liquid fuel around, besides liquid fuel eventually goes bad, propane will not. Its easier to store large amounts of propane.

In an emergency situation such as hurricanes and earthquakes, gasoline might not be available or if it is, it will be in high demand, propane usually is not.

We found several ways of doing it on the web but nothing that seemed permanent or cheap. They have kits to do this but we didn’t feel like forking out 100+ bucks to do it.

This project will cost you about 25 bucks and thats because of using wanted new parts. If you had the parts laying around you could get out of it cheaper.

Conversion kits are available that will permit you to configure your generator to burn gas and propane or gas, propane, and natural gas.

A typical kit, which will have in it everything you need for the conversion, will run you around $200.




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