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Highlights of History:
All dates approximate

3.8-4 million years BC First bipedal human, Ethiopia
2.4 - 3.4 million BC Lucy, Australopithecus Afarensis
600,000-125,000 BCE

Middle Pleistocene

600,000-500,000 Paleolithic cultures
500,000 BCE Peking Man, Java Man
125,000-12,000 BCE Late Pleistocene
14,000 BCE Asians migrate to North America
15-12,000 BCE Start of Mesolithic in China, SW Asia
after 10,000 BCE Start of Mesolithic in India, SE Asia
8,000-5,000 BCE Start of Neolithic in China, SW Asia
5,000-4,000 BCE Neolithic in SE Asia, Philipenes
3,500 BCE Neolithic in India
3,000 BCE Writing used in Mesopatamia, Sumeria
2300-1600 BCE Indus Civilization
2,000 BCE Bronze in China and SW Asia
1900-1600 BCE First Babylonian Empire
1500-1200 BCE Aryan invasion of India
1350-1334 BCE

Akhenaton decrees monotheism

1300 BCE Moses leads his people out of Egypt
1200-1000 BCE Rig Vedas composed
800-600 BCE Upanishads composed
630-550 BCE Life of Zoroaster
563- 483 BCE Life of the Buddha
551-479 BCE Life of Confucius
470-399 BCE Life of Socrates
336-323 BCE Alexander the Great
300BCE Life of Lao-Tzu
500-200 BCE Metalurgy to Phillipenes and Indonesia
329-139 BCE Greeks in Bactria
274-236 BCE Asoka (converts to Buddhism)
250 BCE

Bronze to Japan

221-207 Ch`in Dynasty in China
214 Great Wall of China begun
200 BCE 3rd Council dispatches missionaries to Ghandara, Bactria, and elseware...
180-160 BCE Menander (Greek, converts to Buddism)
111 BCE Han annexes North Vietnam
100 BCE-250AD Yayoi (metal) period in Japan
40 BCE Jimmu Tenno, first emperor of Japan
-4-29 AD Jesus Christ [sic.]
100 AD Buddhism Spreads to China; 4th Council precipitates split of Theravada (hinayana) and Mahayana Traditions
200 Buddhist Kingdoms in Thailand
312 Constantine converts to Christianity
330 First state sponsorship of Chinese Buddhism by Hunnish Jao dynasty.
372 Buddhism in Pyonyang, Korea
391 First Japanese invasion of Korea
401 Introduction of writing (kanji) to Japan
399-414 Fa Hsien travels to India to recover Vinaya
552 Buddhism is brought to Nara, Japan
571-632 Muhammad
604 Prince Shotoku establishes rule of law in Japan
617-907 T`ang Dynasty in China
629-645 Xuanzang travels to India, retrieves and translates many of the surviving Sutra of the Mahayana Canon into Middle Chinese
635 Buddhism spreads to Tibet
710-784 Nara is capital of Japan
711-715 Muslim Conquest of Spain
711 Umayyad Caliphate gains foothold in Ghandara
790 Wu K`ung Returns from Ghandara
794-1185 Establishment of Heiankyo (Kyoto) and the Heian Period in Japan
802-1431 Angkor Monarchy
805 Saicho returns from China, founds Tendai Sect
816 Kukai returns from China, founds Shingon Sect
842-45 Restrictions on Buddhism in China
850-1160 Fujiwara Regents control Imperial Household
894 Japan breaks off diplomatic relations with China
939 End of Chinese rule in Vietnam
960 Founding of Sung Dynasty in China
997-1030 Mahmud "the image breaker" of Ghazni declares Jihad, the rivers run red with blood in Punjab.
1008-1020 Tale of Genji written
1096-1099 The First Crusade
1194,1199 Varanasi, Bihar fall to Muhammud Ghori
1199 Buddhism is extinguished in India.
1206-1526 Delhi Sultanate
1206-1227 reign of Ghenghis Khan
1215-1294 Kublai Khan
1222-1282 Nichiren
1257-1284 Mongols in Vietnam
1275-1292 Marco Polo in China
1279-1368 Founding of Yuan Dynasty in China
1281 unsuccessful Mongol invasion of Japan due to typhoon coins the term Kamikaze (god-wind)
1356 Koreans overthrow Mongols
1368-1408 Yoshimitsu becomes third Shogun
1369-1405 Timur the Lame
1467-1477 Onin War burns everything in Japan
1483-1530 Babur, (the Tiger) with Timur on his father`s side and Ghenghis on his mother`s, founds the Mogul Empire
1492 Columbus sails the ocean blue
1500-1509 Portugese break Arab seapower
1521 Magellan reaches the Philippines
1542 Portugese reach Japan
1557 Portugese establish settlement in Macao
1568 Nobunaga Oda(1534-1582) seizes power
1571 Nobunaga burns Mount Hiei
1582 Nobunaga commits Harakiri
1590 Hideyoshi Toyotomi (1536-1598) takes over, unifies Japan
1592 Hideyoshi orders invasion of Korea
1598 Hideyoshi dies
1600 Tokugawa Iesu takes control of Japan, establishes 300 years of peace. 
1853 Perry`s Black ships entered Tokyo Bay


Meiji Restoration (of the emperor to power for the first time since the Heian Period)
1894-1895 Japan invades Korea... again. Sino-Japanese War
1914-1918 World War I
1939-1945 World War II
1950-1953,present Korean War
1959-1975 Vietnam War
1992 First Persian Gulf War
1992 Hudson Graduates Highschool, goes to Appalachian State University.
1993 Hudsons`s First roadtrip, to Las Vegas from Charlotte driving a truck
1995, spring Hudson drops out of school, becomes a hippie
1995, fall Travels around the country by Amtrak
1996 Begins first real roadtrip in his car, GypC. 
1997 Moves to Boulder, CO, enrolls in college.
1998, summer Six Weeks in Europe
1999 Graduates, Travels to India
2000 Returns from India to Seattle

2002, September

Terrorists win, Hudson loses job at IT startup
2002 Six weeks in Thailand
2003, February Lives under a tree in Berkeley, CA
2003 America invades Iraq
2003-2005 Hudson moves to Japan
2004, Spring 3 weeks in China with Mom
2004, Fall 3 weeks in Europe with Dad
2005, June-July 3 weeks in America
2005, July Returns to India, fulfilling promise to self.
2005, August Travelling in the Parvati Valley
2005, September travelled through Spiti and then to Varanasi
2005, October Studied Sitar in Varanasi for a month
2005, Nov Flying from Calcutta to Bombay
2005, Nov 4th Meeting up with Julie in Cambodia
2005, December Flying to Charlotte for five months
2006, April

Hudson becomes an uncle

2006, May 2 On the road yet again
2006, June 1 fly to Dublin, cross Eurasia
2006, second week of june . took ferry to Wales,  climbed over tallest mountain.  Hitchhiked through rural Wales Public House to Public House, sleeping in sheep pastures, on the beaches, beside roaring rivers, and, outside Frome on the way to Stonehenge, in a ditch .. 
2006 third week in June Portsmouth to Le Havre by ferry, to Paris,
  Paris to Prague to Slovakia
  Slovakia to Poland
  Poland to Lithuania.
  A couple weeks in Lithuania.
  Lithuania, Latvia, Moscow
  Moscow to Irkutsk, four days by train
  Irkutsk to Baikal.  A few days hiking
  Back to Irkustsk.   Something about a girl. 
  Irkutsk to Mongolia, several days staring at the walls in Ulaan Bataar, utterly exhausted. 
  Jeep ordeal crossing the Mongolia-China border
  ? to ? to ? to the Shaolin Temple, accidentally roped into a package tour.  Luckily. 
  Shaolin to Qing Dao.  
  Quing Dao to Incheon to Seoul
  ran out of money... switched to credit. (still on credit)
  Hiked a treacherous trail, climbed one of the tallest mountains in the country, hotspring, back to Seoul, somewhat exhausted and dispirited
  Seoul t oVancouver.
Sept 21 ish , 2006 Arrived in Seattle via Vancouver and Victoria and the Olympic Hotsprings.   Spent a week looking for a job in Seattle.  It rained all week.   Decided to be a Ski Bum instead.
Oct 3rd ish In Conneticut working with Matt, took job as lift operator in Telluride.
October 30th, 2006 Arrived Telluride to be a lift operator.
April 11th, 2007 Last day on the mountain... with absolutely epic powder.  18" of fresh in the trees, 12" on the slopes, Six lifites with the mountain to themselves...  Running the lift for our own laps.  And they brought us in pizza by snowmobile.
April 12, 2007 Left Colorado for Moab. two hotsprings and a blizzard later...
April 14th Arrived san francisco, put stuff in storage.
April 21st Attended Beth`s wedding in Seattle
April Arrived in Charlotte, played with my neice Samantha, built coffeeshop bar in Boone.
May 6th, 2007 Arrives in San francisco, stays at hostel, which hooks him up. 
May 25th, 2007 signs year lease in shared flat
May 26th, 2007 moves into new apartment
May 28th, 2007 Hudson starts work...
as a journeyman carpenter.

The Latest Episode

see outline to the left and below.

Welcome to my website!   This sight is maintained by and is © Hudson Cress.  Here you will find my travel writing and photography from five years of wanderings.   I`ve also collected a few hundred books, concentrating on Buddhist and Asian Philosophy, but with additional travel writing of a more historical nature.  I`ve also included a section on research into philosophical topics, which may be of marginal use to someone other than myself.  Finally, you`ll find a section of mildly entertaining rants under the writing section. 

I hope you find this website entertaining, if not helpful.   Feel free to email me at hudsoncress@yahoo.com with any questions, or to strike up a dialogue.  

So now I`m living in San Francisco working as a carpenter.   My street address is around 18th Ave and Irving. Note the pond with the mountain in the middle.  This is iconic throughout the Pacific rim.  Here it`s the Olmstead brothers` doing.

My Mailing address is:
237 Kearny St. #182
San Francisco, CA 94108

my phone number is:
p.s. if you know Ed, please have him give his old phone number a call, and let me know his new phone number, so I can redirect his friends.

After a few weeks looking for office work, and a couple interviews and recruiting sessions, I made a sensible decision and took a job as a carpenter, when the opportunity presented itself.  Now I`m doing remodelling work, and loving every minute of it.   I had a call the other day from a recruiter offering me a desktop support position.   With a framing hammer in one hand, and a cellphone in the other, I declined.  Who knows where all of this may lead.   But if I have my way, there is one scenario I`m leaning toward:

Mission Statement: To buy, rent, or otherwise acquire exclusive use of a Mad Scientist`s laboratiory within one year.  Thence, to build a robot army, and then, to take over the world... metaphorically speaking. However, mark your calenders for the summer solstice 2012 to join us for the Groundbreaking of the Wizard`s Tower.  Be there June 21, 2012.  Location TBA. Bring tools and supplies. We will be clearing land, and milling trees into lumber, to be stacked for three years curing.  Details will be forthcoming. 

Have fun!

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