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Proof of Concept (PoC):

Abstract, v.

A minimalist view of the world.  Decontextualized travel photography.   Emphasis on color mass and composition.  Shown January 4-30, 2007 at Stronghouse Studios, Telluride, CO.  Limited edition prints available.  Handmade, high-design, high-craft framing from reclaimed materials also offered.  




Here are the websites I'm currently maintaining:

this is my primary employment these days. Fine furniture and finish work. The professional face of Hudson Cress

This is an experimental design for a marketting angle to people like me, who have a specific need for which they lack the carpentry skills. This site is meant to differentiate between the finer work of Hudson Cress and the down and dirty work that is often required of a "handyman."

This is a website I maintain for my father, a retired photographer.


A portfolio of carpentry

a Flickr slide show

here's where I've been putting stuff lately, having finally succumbed to laziness regarding hand-building photo galleries. John Henry lost this round...



World Domination

What began as a "spam" email in the pre-social networking days, later evolved into what would come to be known as a "blog." in this transitional period of technological self-aggrandizement, several of us artsy geeks bought up our domain names for no good reason, and without hope for material gain. Since I never intended to profit from the site, I took the .org tag. Now, through sloppy geekery, i seem to have lost the domain, and good riddance. I am now on a different mission. No longer am I bumming around the world, an itinerant dharma bum. Now I am pursuing the world's second oldest profession...

I always referred to it as a travelogue, and I would hope you would do the same if you talk to me about it. I've always wanted to keep my distance from "blogging." Further, I've only blogged whilst travelling. Hence, Travelogue... I'd say birth to death of this project was something like 2000-2006? there are thousands of photos and hundreds of pages of text. Someday I'll repackage this with a sorely-needed editing.

To the half a dozen or so internet fans who have followed this site over the years, I'm putting this back up for you. Thank you so much for the praise and criticism you've levelled at me over the years. I'm very thankful for the friends I'm made as a result. More, far greater, things to come.