Best Propane Generator – Complete Buyer’s Guide & Reviews {Updated 2021} 👈

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Today, it’s hard to imagine our life without electricity. However, in case of a power outage or if you happen to get off the grid for a while, a generator could be a great solution to keep your tools and appliances working.

Although running a generator on propane is usually less efficient, propane is a much cleaner-burning fuel than gasoline, which is better for both the environment and the generator itself.

Best propane generator

Propane is also easier to store and cheaper than gas. However, finding the best propane generator is not an easy task, as it is almost impossible to find a model that solely runs on propane.

Therefore, we not only tested propane generators, but also added dual-fuel models on our list. We carefully tested starting and running wattage of generators to make sure all your power needs are covered.

We also paid attention to the efficiency of running on propane and runtime, as well as noise level and generator starting system, as all these features are important in terms of ease of use and comfort to tell you about the best propane generator.

Top 6 Best Propane Generator

  1. Westinghouse WGen3600DF – Editor’s Choice

Westinghouse WGen3600DF Editor’s Choice

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  • Fuel: propane or gasoline
  • Peak/rated output (W): 4,180/3,240 LPG, 4,650/3,600 gas
  • Engine: 212cc Westinghouse OHV 25% load
  • Runtime: 20 hrs. (20 lb. propane tank), 18 hrs. (4 gal. gasoline tank)
  • Start type: electric, remote
  • Noise level: 69 dB(A)
  • Warranty: 3-year

The Westinghouse WGen3600DF is popular for its powerful engine that was designed with two things in mind – reliability of the generator and longer life.

Unlike conventional valve engines, the Westinghouse engine that is used in the Westinghouse WGen3600DF has an overhead valve technology whose main function is to make the engine run at lower temperatures.

This, in turn, makes the engine use less fuel. For safety, the Westinghouse WGen3600DF has an automatic low oil shutdown that is triggered when the oil level is too low or if it overheats.

As a result, the engine is protected from any form of damage. When running on gas, this portable generator will push out 3,600 watts of running power with a peak wattage of 4,650 watts.

With propane, however, the output will be lower at 3,240 watts and a peak wattage of 4,180 watts. If this is not enough for your needs, you can check out the more powerful WGen7500DF, which produces more output.


Product highlights –

There is an advantage of using propane over gas even if the latter produces more output. On a full tank of gas, for example, the Westinghouse WGen3600DF will run for 18 hours. On a 20-pound propane tank, it runs for about 20 hours at 1/4 load.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to set up and use Versatile and easy-to-use control panel
  • A four-stroke engine that makes it a powerful propane generator
  • Long runtime on propane
  • RV-ready 30-amp outlet
  • Electric start Low oil shutdown
  • A heavy machine at 109 lb.


  1. Champion Power Equipment 100263 – Best Propane Inverter Generator

Champion Power Equipment 100263 Best Propane Inverter Generator

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  • Fuel: propane or gasoline
  • Peak/rated output (W): 3,060/2,790 LPG, 3,400/3,100 gas
  • Engine: 192cc 4-stroke Champion 25% load
  • Runtime: 14.5 hrs. (propane), 7.5 hrs. (gas)
  • Start type: recoil, electric
  • Noise level: 59 dB(A)
  • Warranty: 3-year limited


Have you been looking for a portable generator that is not only versatile but also convenient? The Champion Power Equipment 100263 is your best bet whether you want to power your RV, any project, or even your entire house during a blackout. It has an electric start that makes it easy to switch on.

It also features the Cold Start technology, which ensures that the generator automatically powers on in cold weather. Safety is one of the primary considerations that Champion had in mind when making this powerful machine.

With the Champion Power Equipment 100263, you can power your devices with confidence even if they are sensitive. This is because the generator only produces clean power.

Furthermore, it has a low oil shut-off system that is designed to make the generator safer. This dual-fuel generator is quite easy to use, and you can start enjoying it right out of the box.

With gasoline, the generator produces a starting output of 3,400 watts and a running output of 3,100 watts.


Product highlights –

On propane, it will produce a starting output of 3,060 watts and a running output of about 2,790 watts. At 1/4 load, the generator runs for about 7.5 hours while it will run for about 14.5 hours on a standard propane tank.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to set up and use Versatile and easy-to-use control panel
  • A four-stroke engine that makes it a powerful propane generator
  • Long runtime on propane
  • RV-ready 30-amp outlet
  • Electric start Low oil shutdown
  • A heavy machine at 109 lb.


  1. Champion Power Equipment 76533 – Best Propane Generator for RV

Champion Power Equipment 76533 Best Propane Generator for RV

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  • Fuel: propane or gasoline
  • Peak/rated output (W): 4,275/3,420 LPG, 4,750/3,800 gas
  • Engine: 224cc 4-stroke Champion 50% load
  • Runtime: 10.5 hrs. (20 lb. propane tank), 9 hrs. (3.4 gal. gasoline tank)
  • Start type: recoil, electric
  • Noise level: 68 dB(A)
  • Warranty: 3-year limited


This is one of the most convenient portable generators that you can find on the market. Whether you want to power your RV or your home during an outage, this Champion Power Equipment 76533 offers you a combination of versatility and convenience.

The generator has a fuel selector switch that allows you to easily and safely switch between gasoline and propane. On a 3.4-gallon gasoline tank, the Champion Power Equipment 76533 will produce a starting output of 4,750 watts and a running power of 3,800 watts.

On propane, this generator will produce 4,275 watts and run on 3,240 watts. The runtime on propane is, however, longer – 10.5 hours against 9 hours on gas. The noise level produced by this portable generator is also relatively low for a conventional generator.


Product highlights –

It runs at about 68 dB(A), the same noise produced by a vacuum cleaner that you can hear from 23 feet. It is also fitted with the Volt Guard™ surge protector that prevents overloads and makes it safe to use.

Pros & Cons

  • Good power output
  • Easy to monitor and operate
  • Easy to move around EPA certified and CARB compliant
  • Electric start
  • Low oil shut-off
  • Only two AC outlets


  1. Firman H03652 – Best Portable Propane Generator for Home Use

Firman H03652 Best Portable Propane Generator for Home Use

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  • Fuel: propane or gasoline
  • Peak/rated output (W): 4,100/3,300 LPG, 4,550/3,650 gas
  • Engine: Max Pro Series 208cc FIRMAN 50% load
  • Runtime: 14 hrs. (gas)
  • Start type: recoil
  • Noise level: 67 dB(A)
  • Warranty: 3-year


The FIRMAN H03652 Hybrid Series is a recoil start portable generator with a starting output of 4,550 watts and 3,650 running watts. Its Phoenix Fat Head Block makes the 208cc Max Pro Series engine run efficiently with a cooling system.

This generator has also been touted as one of the quieter conventional generators on the market. It has a Whisper Series muffler that ensures the FIRMAN H03652 Hybrid Series runs at 67 dB(A), which is lower than the standards recommended by the National Parks Service.

The spark arrester in this model has also been approved by none other than the USDA Forest service. Setting up the FIRMAN H03652 Hybrid Series is quite an easy task, and even though it’s a recoil one, starting the generator is as simple as pushing a button.

The generator also runs on either propane or gasoline fuel, which makes it flexible when you are on the move or in case of an emergency. It also comes with a 5-foot extended hose in case you need or have a larger propane tank.

This portable generator runs for about 14 hours straight with no problems whatsoever. The FIRMAN H03652 Hybrid Series features an automatic voltage regulator that ensures there is a steady output from the power stream alternator.


Product highlights –

This generator is easily portable, as it has an 8-inch never-flat wheels complimented by an ergonomically designed u-shaped handle.

Pros & Cons



      1. Pulsar PG5250B – Best Value for Money

      Pulsar PG5250B Best Value for Money

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      • Fuel: propane or gasoline
      • Peak/rated output (W): 4,750/3,850 LPG, 5,250/4,250 gas
      • Engine: 224cc 4-stroke OHV Air Cooled 50% load
      • Runtime: 15 hrs. (gas)
      • Start type: recoil
      • Noise level: 78 dB(A)
      • Warranty: 2-year limited


      Very rarely will you find a generator that not only produces a desirable level of output but also boasts of being portable. If you want such a generator, then the Pulsar PG5250B should be on top of your list.

      This is a dual-fuel generator that allows you to simply switch from one fuel source to the other. It has a patented Switch and Go technology that allows you to switch from gasoline to propane while the generator is still running.

      The Pulsar PG5250B is an ideal generator for home use and outdoor activities, and even for a job site. This powerful machine has a great output whether you are using gasoline or propane.

      It produces a maximum of 5,250 watts when using gasoline and 4,750 watts when running on propane. The running output for gasoline is 4,250 watts while that of propane is 3,850 watts.

      And it can run for 15 hours uninterrupted. Its engine has a vibration absorbing feature that ensures there is less noise and improved stability. Its noise levels stand at about 78 dB(A).

      The engine is enclosed in a high gloss tubular steel frame that ensures its durability. It also has a locking handle and no-flat tires, which make it easy to transport or move it.

      To ensure that there will be less refueling frequency, the generator has a mounted fuel gauge that shows you the exact level of fuel to remove the necessity of guessing if your fuel is over.


      Product highlights-

      With the multiple outlets it make a little more noise while working. This generator has one of the most easiest mobility service.

      Pros & Cons

      • Easy mobility
      • Offer multiple outlets
      • Powerful 212cc engine
      • Low oil shutdown
      • Noisy


      1. Sportsman GEN4000LP – Budget Pick

      Sportsman GEN4000LP Budget Pick

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      • Fuel: propane
      • Peak/rated output (W): 4,000/3,250
      • Engine: 4-stroke OHV 50% load
      • Runtime: 10 hrs. (20 lb. propane tank)
      • Start type: recoil
      • Noise level: < 68 dB(A)
      • Warranty: 1-year limited


      Are you in need of a generator that will not sacrifice form for function? The Sportsman GEN4000LP is one of such machines that will help power your devices.

      Whether you need a portable generator that can power your RV, camping appliances, tailgating or even a backup generator, then the Sportsman GEN4000LP should be your choice.

      It  has a 6.5HP OHV engine that ensures it delivers maximum performance. Although you may think that the generator will be costly for having such a powerful engine, this is actually far from the truth as it’s quite affordable.


      For safety, the generator is fitted with automatic low oil shutoff and circuit protection to ensure you can use the device without any worries. What’s more, the generator runs solely on propane so you won’t have to worry about gasoline-related issues.

      For example, gasoline is known to go bad if stored for a long time. Also, you won’t have to worry about messing with the carburetor from having degenerated gasoline.

      The Sportsman GEN4000LP has a maximum output of 4000 watts and a rated output of 3,250 watts, which means it can run for 10 hours on 50% load. Since it is not a dual-fuel generator, it only runs on propane that is easy to find, safe to store, and even burns clean.


      Product highlights –

      The generator also operates with a noise level of less than 68 dB(A), making it a great addition to whoever requires clean power that is not noisily generated.

      Pros & Cons



          Best propane generator for Home

          Best propane generator for Home

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          One of the best propane generator for home that we really recommend the Champion’s 3800-Watt Dual Fuel Generator.

          Advantage of buying Champion’s 3800-Watt Dual Fuel Generator-

          • Competitive Price
          • Trusted Brand with over 2.5 Million Generators sold in the USA alone
          • Easy to Set Up with Clear Instructions
          • Easy to Use
          • Cold Start Technology
          • Dual fuel


          Best Portable Propane Generator

          Best Portable Propane Generator

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          One of the best portable propane generator is DuroMax XP5500EH 5,500 Watt 7.5 HP- Portable Electric Start Dual Fuel Gas/Propane Generator

          Advantages of buying DuroMax XP5500EH 5,500 Watt 7.5 HP Portable Electric Start Duel Fuel Had/Propane Generator-

          • Smooth running
          • Quiet
          • Easy to use
          • Can be used to power equipment on job sits and other utilities
          • Steel cage makes it durable


          Best Propane Generator for rv

          Best Propane Generator for rv

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          One of the best propane generator for rv is Champion 4000- Watt open Frame Inverter Generator.

          Advantages of buying Champion 4000-Watt open Frame Inverter Generator-

          • Quieter and lighter than other traditional generators
          • Features an economy setting to save fuel and prolong the engine’s life
          • Supplies clean electricity to protect your sensitive electronics
          • Parallel-ready, making it capable of further increasing its power output
          • Boasts of its highly advanced open-frame design


          Best Propane Inverter Generator

          Best Propane Inverter Generator

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          One of the best propane inverter generator rated in 2021 is Westinghouse WGen3600DF Editor’s Choice Generator.

          Advantages of buying Westinghouse WGen3600DF Editor’s Choice Generator-

          • 12 hour runtime at half power
          • RV-ready 30- amp outlet
          • 4,180 watt surge power on Propane
          • 3 year warranty essential and 1 year warranty commercial
          • 4 gal fuel tank capacity


          Best Standby Propane Generator

          Best Standby Propane Generator

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           One of the best standby propane generator we recommendis Generac 7043 Guardian Series – Best Overall Pick.

          Advantages of buying Generac 7043 Guardian Series- Best overall pick Generator-

          • Runs on two types of fuel
          • Low THD
          • Mobile link remote monitoring system
          • Weather-resist + easy access design
          • Multilingual LCD control panel
          • Quiet self-test mode


          Best Whole House Propane Generator

          Best Whole House Propane Generator

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           One of the most recommended whole house prop and generator is Generac 7043 Whole Home Standby Generator.

          Advantages of buying Generac 7043 Whole Home Standby Generator-

          • It comes with 5-Year Limited Warranty
          • The unit is engineered and constructed in the USA
          • It has strong and durable all-aluminium enclosures
          • It comes with mobile link remote monitoring
          • It has a long-lasting extreme weather-resistant design
          • This unit has a quiet self-test mode


          Best Slow Speed Propane Generator

          Best Slow Speed Propane Generator

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           One of the best slow speed propane generator is WEN 56125i Super Quiet 1250-Watt Generator.

          Advantages of buying WEN 56125i Super Quiet 1250-Watt Generator are-

          • EPA III and CARB Compliant
          • Includes two three-prong 120V receptacles and two 5V USB port
          • Over five hours of half-load time
          • Parallel connection function
          • Eco-Mode adjusts to conserve fuel
          • USDA-approved spark arrestor


          Who makes the best propane generator?

          There are a lot of great quality brands making propane generators in this article we will be looking at;

          • Champion
          • Westinghouse
          • All Power America
          • Generac
          • Sportsman
          • DuroMax


          Comparing all brands is very difficult because each and every brand has brought one of the best generator for the people. But if we compare it on the basis of bestest generator made then;

          Among all the best propane generator maker company is Generac and the best Generac generator is-

          General 7117 GP2200i – Editor’s Choice

          Generac prides itself as producing affordable whole house backup generators with their current models starting at just above $2000. The Guardian Series is very popular among homeowners.

          In their portable generator division you will find many different models with the complete GP Series being the most prominent on the market. Most inverter generators and portable generators up to 8000 watts fall in the $500 – $1000 price range.


          How long will a generator run on a 20 lb of Propane?

          How long will a generator run on a 20 lb of Propane?

          From the research, many people commented how much long will a generator run on a 20lb of Propane. And some of the most common answered are:-


          • ConsumerReports states that the average run time is 5 hours with various loads with 20lb tank. The more the load the less the run time and vice-versa.
          • Ganerac lists this answer on their website as a spec sheet. As the generator can run on either 20 or 30 lb tanks then time take by both areà20 lbs = 4.75 hrs @ half load, 30 lbs = 7 hrs @ half load

          From these two comments, now it may be clear for you that how much long will a generator run on a 20 lb of Propane as well as on 30 lb of Propane.


          How much Propane does a generator use?

          How much Propane does a generator use?

          It requires 2 horsepower to produce 1000 watts of energy per hour under load

          Under load each horsepower consumes 10000 BTU per hour

          Propane contains 92,000 BTU per gallon

          Propane weights 4.2 pounds per gallon

          These include minimizing your generator run time and choosing a natural gas-powered generator over a gasoline one knowing how much propane is needed to use a generator per hour.


          What size Propane tank for 20 kw Generator?


          Most propane generators come with documents that explain how many gallons it uses per hour to create the amount of electricity it produces. You could also call the manufacturer to gather that information.


          If you only plan on using your generator as a back up power source, the best you can come up with will be a ball park figure. However, if you think you will be using it more extensively, you should try to determine as close a number as possible.


          With those two amounts figured out, it’s easy to determine how much fuel you will need. Multiply how much fuel your generator uses per hour by how many hours you plan on using your generator.


          Example: If you want to power a home for at least 48 hours with a generator that uses 2 gallons of propane per hour, you will need at least 96 gallons. This tells you, then, that you need a tank that’s at least 100 gallons in size.


          How much Propane does a generator use per hour?

          How much Propane does a generator use per hour?

          A generator powered by propane will run until the propane supply is exhausted. Most propane tanks, either above or below ground, are 500 to 1,000 gallons. Expect a propane powered generator to burn 2-3 gallons an hour. A 500-gallon tank will power your home continuously for a week.

          It requires 2 horsepower to produce 1000 watts of energy per hour under load

          Under load each horsepower consumes 10000 BTU per hour

          Propane contains 92,000 BTU per gallon

          Propane weights 4.2 pounds per gallon

          While a generator can prove to be a more expensive alternative than a normal electricity supply, there are many ways you can make sure that running one does cost less than utilizing your traditional electricity supply.

          These include minimizing your generator run time and choosing a natural gas-powered generator over a gasoline one knowing how much propane a generator use per hour.


          How to Convert Gas Generator to Propane?

          How to Convert Gas Generator to Propane?

          There are steps of converting Gas generator to a Propane Generator. Steps are:-

          The first step involved in mounting the kit is removing the air cleaner and fitting an adapter (venturi) with a propane fuel port on the bolts that connect the air-cleaner base to the carburettor.

          This will usually require using a couple of bolt extensions (provided in the kit) to allow remounting of the a/c.

          The second step is to mount to the frame of the generator a regulator through which the propane passes on its way to the carburettor.

          There are a number of brass fittings that must be secured to the adapter and regulator, both of which are made of aluminium, so these fitting threads should be wrapped with Teflon tape and then snugged down.

          You must take care not to crank down too hard on these fittings, or you’ll find yourself in a real bind with stripped aluminium threads.

          After the adapter and regulator are secured, with all fittings tightened, you attach a hose that runs from the regulator to the adapter and one that runs from the regulator to the propane tank, and you’re ready to fire that sucker up.

          Prime the system by pressing the little button on the back side of the regulator and crank the engine, using the adjustment screw on the regulator to smooth out the engine and set the rpm that suits you.


          How much Propane does a 20 kw generator use per hour?

          How much Propane does a 20 kw generator use per hour?

          It requires 2 horsepower to produce 1000 watts of energy per hour under load

          Under load each horsepower consumes 10000 BTU per hour

          Propane contains 92,000 BTU per gallon

          Propane weights 4.2 pounds per gallon

          Using these factors how long can a 5000-watt generator run on a 500 gallon propane tank at 50 capacity.

          • 10 horse power at 50% would use 5 HP to generate 2500 watts of electricity
          • 5HP X 10,000 BTU would consume 50,000 BTU per hour
          • 500 gallons X 92,000 = 46,000,000 BTU of energy in a full 500 gallon tank
          • 46,000,000 BTU divided by 50,000 BTU = 920
          • A 500-gallon tank that is full would run a 500-watt generator at ½ capacity for 920 hours.


          How does a Propane Generator work?

          How does a Propane Generator work?

          Propane is a gas, the by-product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining and one of a group of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

          A propane generator is a machine that works on the same principle as any other generator; to produce electricity by converting the energy produced from the combustion of propane.

          Therefore, the only difference lays in the usage of specializedcarburettors that are designed for the purpose of burning propane.

          Basically, if you start your propane generator it functions by burning propane which results in the production of energy and heat.

          proportionate mix of water and ammonia which is already present inside the generator, due to the increase in the heat, reaches its burning point and leads to the production of ammonia gas which flows through the generator.

          Propane generators can be both portable and standby generators. Depending on the number of appliances that you consider vital for running or the duration for which you want them running you can pick between the two.


          Buyer’s Guide

          When the power goes out, a generator can keep your house warm in winter or cool in summer; it can keep your food cold, your kitchen cooking, and your computers and phones charging. Assuming you have one.

          People tend to buy generators around major storms, when they’re prone to making a desperate decision—without a plan for what to do when they get it home.

          Working by flashlight, in a rush to get the power up and running, they might skip over critical safety steps during setup. And people die every year from carbon monoxide poisoning related to generators.


          Know Your Power Priorities

          Generators are sold by power output, as measured in watts. The amount of power they deliver determines how many lights and appliances you can run at once; the quality and consistency of that power determines how well they’ll run. Figure on about 5,000 watts to cover the basics in a typical home.

          Start by making a list of what you don’t want to go without while the power’s down, then add up their watts to get you in the right ballpark. Here are some rough numbers for common essentials:


          Refrigerator: 600 watts

          Sump pump: 750 to 1,500 watts

          Portable heater: 1,500 watts

          Window air conditioner: 1,000 watts

          Lights: 60 to 600 watts

          Computers: 60 to 300 watts


          One tip that will make prioritising easier is to determine which outlets and appliances are controlled by each circuit breaker in your panel, and label them accordingly. The easiest way: a small electric device called a digital circuit breaker finder, which you can buy for less than $50.


          Pick a Type

          You can go one of four ways. Home standby generators are installed permanently, can run on natural gas or propane, and kick on automatically during an outage. Portable and inverter generators can both be moved around, though they come in different sizes.


          Some are better for transporting to a tailgate, while others are better kept on your property as a backup power source. And portable power stations are large batteries that store electricity for when you need it, the only option for someone who lives in an apartment, say, and has no way to safely run a generator outdoors.


          Propane Generators FAQs

          We’ve put together a few questions our customers seem to ask the most, and our answers.


          Do I have to push a button to turn the generator on?

          Generac generators with automatic transfer switches are just that, automatic. They monitor the electrical feed from the utility company, and when your home loses power, the backup generator will automatically turn on.


          What do I have to do to make the generator work?

          Once the generator is installed, there is nothing for the homeowner to do. Regular maintenance would include having the oil changed once a year by a certified technician.


          Does it turn on automatically?

          Yes. The transfer switch monitors power from the utility company and turns the backup generator on and back off again as needed.


          How do I know the generator is working?

          The generator runs a self-diagnostic test and runs briefly once a week for approximately ten minutes. This test will assure the Generac generator is ready when you need it. You tell us when you want the test to run, and we program it for you.


          How much does a backup generator cost to operate?

          Generac generators operate on either natural gas or propane. The cost is a function of how many home appliances, lights, and heating and/ or cooling equipment you have on as well as the cost of propane or gas at the time.


          How long will it run?

          As long as there is a fuel supply of natural gas or propane, a well-maintained backup generator will keep running. If the Generac generator is running on propane, with a 500-gallon tank, it should run 24 hours a day for over a week.


          How loud are they?

          Generac generators are very quiet. They are average rated at 66 decibels at three meters (about ten feet). That’s about the sound of the A/C running or a phone ringing.


          What maintenance is required?

          We recommend a service check up and oil change once a year. Schedule a maintenance check just like you would do with your air conditioner or furnace. A generator is an engine. It exercises once a week plus whatever power outages you experience.


          Can a backup generator run the whole house?

          It sure can. That’s what our experts help you figure out. We help determine what the right size generator is for your home and lifestyle. Our worst fear is you install a Generac generator that is too small to operate the equipment you want or need in an emergency.


          Can I just run specific circuits?

          Yes, you can select specific electrical circuits. If you are concerned operating only the furnace and refrigerator in a power outage, there is Generac standby generator designed to do just that.


          Can I just have my air conditioner, refrigerator, and a few lights work if the power goes out?

          You can install a generator to run just what you need or want; not too big and not too small.


          What size generator would I need?

          The size of the generator will be determined by our experts once they look over your home and meet with you. Every home and lifestyle is different. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach. It’s your home and family, and we take that very seriously.


          When I install a generator how long will it last?

          According to the Generac design department, they are engineered for 40 years. It is not uncommon to expect 25 years of reliable service from a properly maintained generator.


          Do you offer a maintenance agreement?

          Yes, we do. The maintenance agreement includes two visits, and we perform all service and system testing.


          If I buy a portable gas generator can I upgrade to a whole home generator?

          Yes, it may require a new transfer switch. There may be other adjustments as technologies are developed.


          Final verdict

          Our overall favourite portable propane generators on the market today are the WGen3600DF from Westinghouse, the H03652 Hybrid Series generator from FIRMAN, and the PG7750B from Pulsar Products.


          These three generators cover the range of output power, from around 3,000 W on the FIRMAN to almost 6,000 W on the Pulsar Products generator when running on propane.


          The Westinghouse and FIRMAN models were set ahead by their three year warranties and their extremely long runtimes at half power of 12 hours and 14 hours, respectively.


          For the Pulsar Products generator, users greatly appreciated the digital display to track runtime and output wattage.


          Overall, we felt that the Westinghouse Wgen3600DF was the best portable propane generator thanks to its combination of portability above and beyond either of its competitors, an RV-ready 30-amp outlet, and a DC power outlet for battery charging that the FIRMAN generator lacked.


          And if we talk about Power outrages then;

          Power outages are often more than just an inconvenience; particularly for vulnerable populations, they can be downright dangerous.


          Sometimes a generator is necessary to keep the refrigerator running and prevent food from going bad for days, ensure medical devices work properly, or heat or cool the house during extreme weather.


          A power outage may leave you literally caught in the dark, but you can still be prepared by buying a portable generator.


          WORKHORSE– If you are looking for a propane generator for the Home, RV, Boat or Workshop that has a great power capacity then the Westinghouse WGen7500DF is the best option.


          ALLROUNDER– The Champion Dual Fuel model would be best for its versatility it will power your essentials and it won’t break the bank in the process.


          DEDICATED PROPANE GENERATOR- While most of the models in this article are Dual Fuel the Sportsman or the All Power America are ideal if you prefer the simplicity of one fuel method.


          THE BEAST- If you really need to go big and are looking for a quality hybrid Portable Generator then it has to be the DuroMax XP12000EH this bad boy will give you all the power you need as well as reliability.


          Now you may know which is the best propane generator for you. We hope this article helped you finding your preferred generator.